Monday, March 20, 2017

New 13.1 PR 

2nd out of 35 in Age Group
22 Overall out of 720 participants

Still looking good after all these years

Finally I get to ring the bell

Monday, May 23, 2016

Oh Great!! Man Eating Crocodiles in FL

Oh Great!! Now we have "Man Eating Crocodiles in FL"?  

By Sarah McCans -, CC BY 2.0,

By MathKnight and Zachi Evenor - Own work, CC BY 4.0,

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Ironman TX Bike Course Mess

Holy cow, I am glad I am not doing IMTX this year.  This race had an AWESOME bike route but this year due to rain, construction, acts of god, the global warming, El Nino, etc. the route had to be changed and SHORTENED!!  The route is now only 94 miles.  The route has about 80 turns.  There is a turn about every 1.1 miles on average.  That is going to be a mother of a route. I also feel for those who have to do a shortened race.  My first Ironman had the swim canceled and it was a heartbreaker.

Saucony Zealot ISO Running Shoes Review

A good shoe is like a old friend.  You go though both the good times and bad times together.  Together you push through the heat, pain, joys, fears, etc. 
This year I had to say goodbye to my old friend the Saucony Mirage (review).  My friend helped me through dozens of 13.1, a half dozen 26.2, a dozen 70.3 and three 140.6. We had five models and many, many years together..  We had some good years and a not so good year.  The Mirage 4 was not your best model but the Mirage 5 added some much needed changes and I had high hopes of spending many more years with my old friend.  But Saucony said they had enough of you and discontinued make you. 
This year I had to find a new friend to train with.  I have IM Chat 140.6 later in the year.  I did not know how I could ever find a friend to replace the Saucony Mirage. 
Saucony then introduced me to a new sexy model called the Zealot ISO.  They said she was just like the Mirage.  So when my last set of Mirages had to be put to rest I had to move onto my new friend the Zealot ISO.  With tears in my eyes I put on the new Zealot's and we went out on a running date.
The date started off slow as we got to know each other I found my new friend very comfortable.  I am sad to say she is a great replacement for the Mirage.  The new shoe is very well constructed and extremely comfortable.  It breaths very well in the hot Florida heat.  It has a 4mm offset (like the Mirage).  The Red/Black/Silver model is really cool looking also.
I highly recommend the Zealot ISO.  It is a great replacement for the Mirage and the Zealot has become my primary running shoe. 
For more information on the Zealot (see Saucony page here)

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

2015 Was A Busy Year

It was not a great blogging year but it was a VERY busy year. 
  • Two 140.6 Ironman
    • Ironman Texas
    • Beach 2 Battleship
  • Two 100 mile cycling races
  • Two 70.3
  • One Goofy (Half Marathon followed the next day with a marathon)
  • One Olympic
A new Ironman PR was made at Beach 2 Battleship.  I smashed it with a 11:46:16. 
Swim:   50:53
T1:       10:02
Bike:     6:07:59
T2:        9:48
Run       4:27:37
Overall: 11:46:16

  Next year I have planned:
  • Best Damn Race 13.1
  • Ironman FL 70.3
  • Ironman Chat