Tuesday, August 31, 2010

DIY PVC Bike Stand / Rack

In a sport where everything is god awful expensive it is nice to sometimes find a DIY project that is simple and will save you some money.  Here is a project I found on Instructables. com on how to make a PVC bike stand/rack.   It was interesting so I gave it a try.

The total cost for two separate bike racks was less than $14 and it took less than 30 minutes (per rack) to complete.  The end result was a great working bike stand.  I use them every day in the garage and I even use them at races.  They are small, light weight, cheap and the design can be easily changed to suit your differing needs.  I had someone at the Hammerhead race this weekend comment on how cool and simple the design was.  He really liked it and was going to go home and make one himself.

When I get sometime I want to modify the design some.  I would like to:
  • Make the upright bar about 1 inch longer.  I find it to be a little too short for my tires.
  • Make the tire resting area (back and bottom) about 1/4 - 1/2 inch wider.  
  • Make the upright bar removable or design a PVC hinge so that the stand will fold up and fit easier in the car.  It may be as easy as not gluing the uprights into place so I can just pull them apart when needed.
  • I would also like to make one for my step-son’s BMX bike so it does not get in the way in the garage.

Someone even created a stand that will accommodate two bikes.

Instructables even has designs for bike repair racks.  I may have to tackle this project in the future also.

PS: The credit for the design and images should be given to (imarunner2 & Amcain)

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