Monday, February 25, 2013

Massive UFO of Cuban Paella

My weekend involved a MASSIVE UFO of Cuban Paella.  The pan below was at least 3 feet wide.  There was about 25 people at the party and everyone had two big helpings of the the paella.  At the end of the party half the paella was still left. 

For those of you without Spanish friends (your missing out), paella is a Spanish rice dish cooked in a wide shallow dish over an open fire.  The word “paella” may come from the Arab word “baqiyah”, which means “leftovers”.  Basically you throw everything you have in the kitchen (including the sink) into the dish and cook it (chicken, dish, lobster, Cuban sausage, peas, shellfish, etc).

If you ever need to gain 15lbs in 30 minutes go to a Cuban party!!  They will feed you till you explode.  Then, they will give you deserts and wine to finish off the "punishment."  What a way to go!!

Oh, I can feel the stomach pain already!!
The friend's dogs laid under the cooking paella all day to
grab the "accidental" falling goodness.

Adding the finishing touches


Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Racing Tip: Pill Pouches

Here's a little tip I picked up over the years.  When doing triathlons (or even some long runs) I like to carry stomach meds, Advil and salt tablets.  I use to carry them in a plastic container but they would bounce around, make noise and it was a pain to open (especially on the bike portion of the race).  After many years I found a much better solution, pill pouches.

Pill pouches (surprisingly enough) were made to carry pills but they can be used for a ton of things.  They are small (about 2in x 2in), lightweight, water resistant and really easy to open and close.  They are also really cheap.  You can get them at Walgreens, CVS, etc for $2.99 for a package of 50.

During my Half-Ironmans I carry one pouch on the bike and one in my running belt.  They are really easy to open on the bike and run.  They are also are also water resistant so my pills do got get wet with sweat or when I pour water on myself on the hot runs.  I usually carry a few extra meds for follow athletes who usually do not think of carrying stomach meds, Advil and salt tablets.  Many fellow athletes have thanked me over the years for saving them by carrying extra meds.

These little pill pouches have saved me many times over the years.  They are an essential piece of equipment in my tri-bag.  Try them out sometime and you will see their many benefits.

Small, sealable, water resistant and easy to open.

Typical contents of my pouches in a triathlon

Monday, February 18, 2013

Orlando Solar Bears Hockey

!!Its a great time for hockey in Orlando, FL!!

My new addiction during the off season.  Bonnie and I have been going to the Orlando Solar Bears Hockey games.  The Bears are part of the ECHL minors.  The tickets are cheap and the games are a blast.  There are normally around 7,000 - 8,000 screaming Solar Bears fans in attendance at each game.

Yesterday they got shutout 3-0 but the game was still fun.  Bonnie and I were about 6 rows behind the bench so we were really close to the action. 

What was really cool was after the game the entire team stayed for an autograph session.  Earlier in the day I bought myself a Solar Bears hockey sweater (jersey) as an early birthday present.  I also bought Bonnie a Solar Bears baseball cap.  We were able to get both signed by nearly everyone on the team.

I wonder if I could fit this TV in my living room?

No fight.

STILL no fight.

Darn it fight already!!

It's not hockey without a fight!
In the box after the fight.
Now he feels SHAME!
We were really close to the bench last night.

The players standing for the power play.

Bonnie and I enjoying the game

The Solar Bears mascot...
(and a hot dancer)

Tanski and others for the autograph session.

Bonnie's thinks he looks like Brad Pitt
For some reason she took several photos of this
one player.  I wonder why??

More signings
Bonnie getting her hat signed.

We got to go down into the entrance tunnel
and be at ice level entrance.

My early birthday present

The signed back

Nearly the whole team

Bonnie got her hat signed

Bonnie posing with the
cool Orlando Magic, Mickey Mouse

Monday, February 11, 2013

Homemade Goggles and Glasses Defogger

Mr Half TRIing's Wonder Defogger
(trademark pending)
For the life of me I could not get my goggles so stop fogging up while swimming in the pool.  I had the same problem some mornings with my cycling glasses.  Saliva sometimes worked for my swim goggles but not always (and not very well).  I don't think saliva would work very well for cycling either.  I would get some strange looks from fellow cyclist if I spit onto my glasses.

So I decided to MacGyver a solution.  Here is my solution: baby shampoo, water and a spray bottle and it works like a champ.  Get a travels size container of baby shampoo (or larger if you have a baby).  While at WallyWart also get a small travel spray bottle. Add about 2-3 drops of baby shampoo into the spray bottle (it does not take much shampoo to be effective).  Fill the rest of the spray bottle up with water.  Shake well (the spray bottle silly, not you).  Dish soap also works but baby shampoo is a little more gentle on the eyes.

Before each swim spray the inside and outside of your goggles.  Rub the lenses gently with your finger. Then dunk the goggles under the water once or twice.  Finally swim in pure, clear ecstasy.

For cycling glasses, spray both sides of the lenses.  Then let dry.  When dry, gently buff the lenses with a soft cloth.  Then ride like Lance (minus the doping agents).

Ordinary baby shampoo