Monday, February 18, 2013

Orlando Solar Bears Hockey

!!Its a great time for hockey in Orlando, FL!!

My new addiction during the off season.  Bonnie and I have been going to the Orlando Solar Bears Hockey games.  The Bears are part of the ECHL minors.  The tickets are cheap and the games are a blast.  There are normally around 7,000 - 8,000 screaming Solar Bears fans in attendance at each game.

Yesterday they got shutout 3-0 but the game was still fun.  Bonnie and I were about 6 rows behind the bench so we were really close to the action. 

What was really cool was after the game the entire team stayed for an autograph session.  Earlier in the day I bought myself a Solar Bears hockey sweater (jersey) as an early birthday present.  I also bought Bonnie a Solar Bears baseball cap.  We were able to get both signed by nearly everyone on the team.

I wonder if I could fit this TV in my living room?

No fight.

STILL no fight.

Darn it fight already!!

It's not hockey without a fight!
In the box after the fight.
Now he feels SHAME!
We were really close to the bench last night.

The players standing for the power play.

Bonnie and I enjoying the game

The Solar Bears mascot...
(and a hot dancer)

Tanski and others for the autograph session.

Bonnie's thinks he looks like Brad Pitt
For some reason she took several photos of this
one player.  I wonder why??

More signings
Bonnie getting her hat signed.

We got to go down into the entrance tunnel
and be at ice level entrance.

My early birthday present

The signed back

Nearly the whole team

Bonnie got her hat signed

Bonnie posing with the
cool Orlando Magic, Mickey Mouse

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