Monday, March 9, 2015

Orlando City Soccar Inaugural MLS Game

They dressed up the Citrus Bowl.
On Sunday (after our 85 mile bike ride) Bonnie and I went to the inaugural MLS game of Orlando City Soccer (err.. football).  It was the second largest attended MLS EVER!!  The stadium as 60K seats and 62K people attended the game.  2K people bought standing room only seats!!
The fans were wild.  I have never been to an MLS game but I have a feeling now that Orlando has hit the big time we will be attending many more.  We had a great time.
Our seats at the 50 yard line
(hey, it's football right)
The crazy people section
Cool banner
LED Score Board

Thursday, February 26, 2015


I don't know what it is about Ironman training that turns me into a bottomless pit but I am ALWAYS hungry.  I have turned my desk into a grocery store.  I bring enough fruit for a week but I eat it all in two days.  I eat my lunch for breakfast.  I can not seem to get enough food down my mouth.  What is it about Ironman training that makes me turn into a bottomless, crazy, bacon (hamburger, steak, ice cream....) craving, maniac?!

I smelled bacon on my run today and felt EXACTLY like this!!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

80 Days Till Ironman TX

I have only 80 days till Ironman TX.  Even before IMTX I have the following let to accomplish:
  • 03/14 - Ride to Remember Century
  • 03/29 - Gran Fondo, FL Century
  • 04/12 - IMFL 70.3
  • 04/24 - Brake the Cycle Century
  • 05/02 - Hurricane Man Marathon Swim
  • 05/16 - IM TX 140.6
I have no clue how I am going to do it.  I SO TIRED!!  Bonnie yelled at me in the morning because I did not sleep all night.  I just tossed and turned and talked in my sleep.  At work I am a functional zombie.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Ironmann Texas 2015

Guess where Bonnie and I will be this May?!  Anyone going to be there? 
Bonnie wants to finish the race in her boots and cowboy hat.  I just want to cross the finish line not requiring another surgery.
I've been training with two new coaches. 
My new master's swim coach seems to think I'm a swimmer (not a triathlete) and has proceeded to pound me into submission.  I keep telling here I AM NOT A SWIMMER but she does not listen.  I can not keep up with all the real swimmers.  Many of them swam in college (I just drank and struck out with girls in college).  One tried out for the Olympic team and another holds a breast stroke record.  I do not stand a chance!! But it does make me a faster and better triathlete "swimmer."
My new run coach seems to think I'm a slacker and am holding back.  On Thursday we did a tempo run with about seven people.  All but two (one was me) of these people are Boston qualifiers.  My warm up was at a 7:15 pace (which I held for a little then proceeded to dropped like a rock/bolder).  I think she will make me a much better runner.  This is one area I could really improve in.
Hope everyone is doing well.  Hopefully I will see some of you at Texas this year.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Goofy 2015

Unshaven Tired Self

!!! Squirrel !!!

Our bling

Bling Selfie

Half, Full & Goofy medals

Very cold Saturday Morning

The crew after the event

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Feeling Goofy 2015

Guess who was crazy enough to sign up for Goofy 2015 and will be running it this weekend?  For those of you who don't know Goofy is where you race the Disney 13.1 on Saturday followed by the 26.2 on Sunday followed by hating life on Monday.  :-)

Monday, December 29, 2014

2014 Year In Review

This year marked my first full Ironman distance race.  Unfortunately, the swim at Ironman FL was canceled due to really bad rip currents.  That why we immediately signed up for Ironman TX 140.6 in 2015.
I hope to blog more in 2015.  Between training for Ironman FL, switching jobs, starting a new company and running a Rotary Club my life has been SLAMMED!
This year I completed:
  • Ironman Florida 140.6 (Completed race with a hernia)
  • One Century Cycling Ride (Around 6 hours)
  • Two Marathons (Best Time 4:11:85)
  • Two 70.3 (Best Time 5:29:17)
  • One marathon swim (Time 1:13:35)  The other marathon swim got canceled due to lighting
  • Two Half Marathons (Best Time 1:50)
  • Countless thousands of miles of training.
Other accomplishments for the year:
  • Left my old company and took a new job at a great company
  • Started my own Medical Software business (still a work in progress)
  • Finished up my two years as my Rotary Club's President
  • Received the Rotary Precedential Citation with Distinction
  • Received an honorary Rotary Paul Harris Award