Friday, January 23, 2015

Ironmann Texas 2015

Guess where Bonnie and I will be this May?!  Anyone going to be there? 
Bonnie wants to finish the race in her boots and cowboy hat.  I just want to cross the finish line not requiring another surgery.
I've been training with two new coaches. 
My new master's swim coach seems to think I'm a swimmer (not a triathlete) and has proceeded to pound me into submission.  I keep telling here I AM NOT A SWIMMER but she does not listen.  I can not keep up with all the real swimmers.  Many of them swam in college (I just drank and struck out with girls in college).  One tried out for the Olympic team and another holds a breast stroke record.  I do not stand a chance!! But it does make me a faster and better triathlete "swimmer."
My new run coach seems to think I'm a slacker and am holding back.  On Thursday we did a tempo run with about seven people.  All but two (one was me) of these people are Boston qualifiers.  My warm up was at a 7:15 pace (which I held for a little then proceeded to dropped like a rock/bolder).  I think she will make me a much better runner.  This is one area I could really improve in.
Hope everyone is doing well.  Hopefully I will see some of you at Texas this year.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Goofy 2015

Unshaven Tired Self

!!! Squirrel !!!

Our bling

Bling Selfie

Half, Full & Goofy medals

Very cold Saturday Morning

The crew after the event

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Feeling Goofy 2015

Guess who was crazy enough to sign up for Goofy 2015 and will be running it this weekend?  For those of you who don't know Goofy is where you race the Disney 13.1 on Saturday followed by the 26.2 on Sunday followed by hating life on Monday.  :-)

Monday, December 29, 2014

2014 Year In Review

This year marked my first full Ironman distance race.  Unfortunately, the swim at Ironman FL was canceled due to really bad rip currents.  That why we immediately signed up for Ironman TX 140.6 in 2015.
I hope to blog more in 2015.  Between training for Ironman FL, switching jobs, starting a new company and running a Rotary Club my life has been SLAMMED!
This year I completed:
  • Ironman Florida 140.6 (Completed race with a hernia)
  • One Century Cycling Ride (Around 6 hours)
  • Two Marathons (Best Time 4:11:85)
  • Two 70.3 (Best Time 5:29:17)
  • One marathon swim (Time 1:13:35)  The other marathon swim got canceled due to lighting
  • Two Half Marathons (Best Time 1:50)
  • Countless thousands of miles of training.
Other accomplishments for the year:
  • Left my old company and took a new job at a great company
  • Started my own Medical Software business (still a work in progress)
  • Finished up my two years as my Rotary Club's President
  • Received the Rotary Precedential Citation with Distinction
  • Received an honorary Rotary Paul Harris Award

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Ironman FL 2014 - Inguinal Hernia

For those of you who don't know IMFL's swim was canceled.  It was crazy cold (40-50F) and crazy windy 20-35mph.

IMFL was my first IM.  I was bummed the swim was canceled but I talked to the person in charge of the swim and I think it was the right call.  The rip currents were the problem.  The morning of the race some kayaks were been turned over and the safety personal could not get back into the kayaks.  The current was pulling the boat anchors around.  The guy next to me for the finisher gear did a warm up swim that morning and stated for every 2 feet forward he would go 8 feet to the right.  It was the right call for safety.  The safety personal would not have been able to do their job if needed.
Also it was SO cold and windy that hypothermia would have been an issue on the bike.  Being wet in low 40s F with 30mph winds and on a bike could have been dangerous.
I did not eat or drink for the first hour on the bike.  It was crazy windy and scary.  I was being blown all over the place (sometimes more than a foot). 
That crazy hard wind and cold made up for the lack of a swim but I’m a pretty good swimmer. 
Am I am Ironman?  I don’t know.  I know I could have finished the swim and the race long before the cut off.  I put in all the hard work/training and I think that is what counts.  I also did the race with a budging inguinal hernia that will require surgery the week after the race (tomorrow).  It appeared 5 days before the race. My first doctor told me NOT to do the race.  The surgeon told me I could but if something went wrong I would be in the ER for emergency surgery.   I could not stand one the bike for fear I could put too much pressure and cause serious issues/damage.  A friend of mine did the race with a broken shoulder.  One guy did the race two days after passing a kidney stone.    That should count for something!  J 
But I have unfinished business with Ironman.  I want that swim!!  So last night my wife and I signed up for Ironman TX 2015
I want to do a post soon about what I have learned about having an Inguinal Hernia and doing an Ironman.  This is little information about it on the internet and I think it could be useful to many men.  This is something many of use may face while training.  I have surgery tomorrow so I will do it afterwards.  I will also do a post(s) about getting back into IM training post-surgery.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Ironman FL 140.6 Bound

Ironman FL 140.6 Bound
For all one of my readers here is an update.
I'm Ironman Bound this Saturday!!  This will be my first Ironman.  I was planning to finish around 12-13 hours but things have changed.  I have a medical issue pop-up on Thursday of last week that will need to be operated on when I get back.  I was able to get clearance from the surgeon to do the race but I have to take it easy and if something goes bad I must quit. So know my goal is to finish before the cutoff and healthy.
The weather looks pretty good (see below).  Maybe a little cold and windy.
I have not been on the bike or running since the medical issue.  I am a little scared but we will have to play it by ear during the race. 

Temp starts out at 51F and end around 56F.  A little chilly.
Wind kind of sucks.  Basically 10-17 mph all day.
0% chance of ran is nice

Monday, October 20, 2014

Ironman FL 140.6 IN 11 DAYS

The countdown is on!!  Only 11 days till my Ironman FL race! 
Sorry for the lack of updates.  SO MUCH is going on with me right now.  I have a huge deadline at work.  I'm starting a new company. I'm training for Ironman FL.  I just got done helping coach the local Special Olympics swim team. And being on the board of directors for my Rotary club.  Most work days start at 5 AM and don't stop till its time for bed at 9:30 pm - 11 pm.  I'm so BURNT.  I've never wanted to clean the house and work on the lawn so much in my life.  I never thought I would see the day where I looked forward to doing the dishes.