Monday, August 10, 2015

Cyclist Hit By Chunk Of Concrete

Cyclist Hit By Chunk Of Concrete

If you live in Minneapolis watch out and contact the local authorities if you have any information.. 

I would like to say this is rare but I have seen it in Orlando also.  I have had beer bottles thrown at me while cycling AND running.  I seen tacks throw onto the road. Car intentionally try to get close to cyclist.  At IM Chat they had oil and tacks on put on the road.

Watch out and be careful.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Saucony Ride 8 Review

Saucony Ride 8 Review



Yesterday, I had the pleasure of trying on the new Saucony Ride 8 shoes and wow was I impressed!  They shoes are seriously comfortable. 

The Ride 8 is a much more plush shoe that I am use to.  I am use to running almost exclusively in the Saucony Mirage shoe which is a 4mm drop and is a firm and responsive shoe.  Usually plush shoes are not very comfortable on my feet but this is shoe is different.  I found it was not too slug like the other plush shoes I have tried on.  This was a little larger in the toe box than the Mirage 8 but still fit fine.

I did notice a slight difference in the 8mm vs. the 4mm drop that I am use to running it.  It was not a big deal though.  It's just something that I noticed.

They are also slightly heavier (14 grams more) than my current shoe but for a plush shoe I found them surprisingly light.

I have the Silver / Red / Citron model (see photos above) and this is a really cool looking shoe.

This a great overall shoe for someone who can wear a normal fitting shoe.  I highly recommend these shoes.  I they will now become my go to shoe for long training runs!

See other reviews here:
SPECS (From Saucony)
  • Shoe Category: Neutral
  • Pronation: Neutral
  • Cushion: Plush
  • Construction Type: Neutral
  • Surface: Road, Track
  • Arch: High, Normal (Mid)
  • Water Resistant: No
  • Waterproof: No
  • Offset: 8mm
    • Heel Stack Height: 26mm
    • Forefoot Stack Height: 18mm

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Garmin Varia Rearview Bike Radar

Garmin Varia Rearview Bike Radar

Edge computer or Varia head unit can show multiple approaching vehicles and indicates the relative speed of approach and threat level.

This is an new an interesting technology I would like to try out.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Cheap Medal Hangers

I got several "honey dos" done this weekend.  One tasks was hanging up both Bonnie and my race medals.  I used a curtain rod and clips.  The total cost was about $30 a piece.  I think they come out pretty nice. Each wall has about 40 medals hanging. 
The hand painted artwork was created
and gifted to us by a fellow Ironman.

Bonnie's has many more medals.  She focused more on marathons
while I focused on 70.3s.


Monday, April 20, 2015

Saucony Mirage 5 Review

Saucony Mirage 5
Saucony Mirage 5 Review


  • Shoe Category: Guidance, Natural Running
  • Pronation: Moderate
  • Cushion: Responsive
  • Construction Type: Natural Motion
  • Surface: Road, Track
  • Arch: Normal (Mid), Low
  • Water Resistant: No
  • Waterproof: No
  • Offset: 4mm
    • Heel Stack Height: 22mm
    • Forefoot Stack Height: 18mm
Sorry this review is a month or so behind.  I've been training for the May Ironman TX, working and starting a new business.  Needless to say life has been very busy!
I have been running in the Mirage series of shoes since the first Mirage model.  I love this shoe model.  Every year I try on other models and brands but I keep coming back to the Mirage.
I have gone through three Mirage 4 and two Mirage 3 in the past year and half of two Ironman trainings.  I loves both models but I the Mirage 4 had some major flaws.  The first being they wore out really fast.  Keep in mind I am training for an Ironman though.  The uppers of the shoe has a fine white/silver mesh that "fuzes" out in the first several months (the Mirage 3 did not have this issue).  After that developed two holes in the fabric of the shoes.  The bottoms also wore out pretty fast.  Even with these issues I love these shoes.  I just wish they would have lasted longer.

Fuzzy Issues with Mirage 4
Mirage 4 wear and tear
I can not wait till after Ironman TX to put these shoes on and go for a long run.  Just last night I laced up a new pair of the Mirage 4 that will carry me through Ironman TX in May.
The Mirage 5 looks like a big improvement on the Mirage 4.  The Mirage 5 has a completely remodeled upper.  This upper no longer include the "fuzing" mesh (with was only cosmetic in nature).  My first impression of these shoes are they are gorgeous.  I love the colors.  The new upper material no longs has the fuzzy mesh (so it should last longer).  I have not had much time to run in them yet because of Ironman TX training.  I do not want to switch shoes this close to the race.  From the time I have had in they the are very comfortable.
The uppers are made out of a seamless breathable mesh that is extremely comfortable and breathable.  They will not cause any hot spots or toe nail issues.  The mesh makes them feel like putting on slippers.
The shoes has 4mm drop that seems to be my sweet spot for comfort.
From what I can tell the men's Mirage 5 comes in two colors red/black and navy/citron.  The red/back are really awesome.
These shoes are awesome and I can not wait till after Ironman TX to put these shoes on and go for a long run.  I highly recommend the Mirage series of shoes.  They are lightweight and very comfortable.  The Mirage 5 looks like it fixed all the minor issues I had with the previous model.
The Mirage 5 New Uppers