Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Translation Tuesdays - THE POOL

THE POOL (noun)

Normal Definition
A fun place to lay around, read a book, float around, get a tan, check out girls/boys, drink a fruity drink with an umbrella, etc.

Examples of "The Pool"
  • After breakfast lets go hang out at the pool and read a book.  Maybe we can get some pina coladas.

Normal Visual Example

Triathlete Meaning:
A place where one spends hours swimming back and forth staring at a blue line wondering when the madness will end.

No more stupid laps!!

Hours starting at a blue line and trying to figure out how to count all the tiles.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Weekend Ramblings

Bike Ride

This weekend I finally got back on the road bike.  I've been slacking on the bike because the FL running weather has been so great for the past couple of months.  Pretty soon the temperatures will be in the high 90s and running will be a really chore but biking will be really nice. 

Getting back on the bike was well... like riding a bike.  My pace started off too fast but then leveled out to about 18 mph.  I road for 2:30 hours and went about 42 miles.  I am in the power building phase of my gym route so my legs are like jello.  The wind was also very gusty and I am not a wind rider.  I got off the bike and then ran 4 miles.  My legs were bricks for the first 2 miles then want into autopilot.

I need to hit the bike hard this weekend.  My Clermont race (super hilly) is coming up in about 50 days.  Last year this course kicked my butt but the temperatures were in the feels like 100-110F.  This year the moved the race up a few months so hopefully it will not be so hot.  I am starting to get scared of how well I will do on the bike due to my slacking.  I need a good ride to boost my confidence.

Tesla Concert

On Thursday I went to the Tesla concert and "rocked out."  The show was mostly all acoustic and the band sounded great.  They were always one of my favorite bands in the 90's.

Bad iphone photo

A little older and a little wider but the same amount of hair.

NBA Jams

The NBA Allstars weekend was here in Orlando so for the average "non-sports guy" it just means there is A LOT more traffic in town.  But it does bring in a ton of money so it is good for the town. 

Bonnie and I took Triston the NBA Jams convention on Sunday.  There were a ton of games and activities for people of all ages.  He had a blast playing all the games and slamming the ball on the 7 foot rims.  We got free tickets for a 5K race they did on Saturday for a charity. 

While Triston was playing I was messing around with the photographers. :-)

The light!! It burns!!

Bonnie is not good at sharing the spotlight.
The lights hit my eyes just right and the dots look like cartoon eyeballs. LOL

Cool entrance to the show.

My size 11s pale in comparison.
Girls, please no comments.

In space no one can hear me scream.
I was the only one who's photo came out blurring every time.
I must be a vampire.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Product Review: SportCount 90010 Swim Lap Counter/Timer

Product Review: SportCount 90010 Swim Lap Counter/Timer

 SportCount 90010 Swim Lap Counter/Timer.

If you are like me you will find yourself more often than not at the local gym swimming for 45 - 60 minutes. During this time you try to come up with creative forms of entertainment or really stupid ideas (see Translation Tuesdays). Another item you try to tackle is how to count your laps. I’ve see many creative ways of trying to accomplish this task but my newest secret is the SportCount 90010 Swim Lap Counter/Timer.

This little gem I got for a Christmas present. It’s small, waterproof and easy to use. It is basically a ring that you wear on your index finger. You then use your thumb to click the rubber button to count each lap. It is also water resistant up to 50 meters

Using the swim counter could not be easier. It only has one button. Hold down the button for about 5 seconds to turn on the watch. You then click once to start the timer and then each click after that serves as a lap counter. My only issue is remembering to click the lap counter after each lap but I am more concerned about total swim time then number of laps. You can see a demo of it here

The display is crystal clear and easy to read (even underwater). As you swim the display will show your total swim time. When you click the lap button the display will change to show you your current number of laps. This will show for about 5 seconds. After that time it will show you your last lap time. After about 5 seconds the display will go back to showing your total swim time. When done swimming hold down the watch for about 5 seconds and then the watch will show you your fastest, slowest and average lap time.

This little watch could also be useful as a lap counter and timer for other sports (like running laps on the track, transitions times, etc). The simpler (counter only model 90040) I could find useful in applications where you have to do a lot of counting. I had to count thousands of fish, insects, bugs, etc during my field biology days and this gem would have been a god sent. It would have saved me the time of tick marking each item and would be waterproof it would not get destroyed it in the rain, lake, stream, etc.

My only complaints are the following:

1) The many models of the watch can cause some confustion when ordering. (See here for a comparison). I have the Combination SportCount (90010). I would also recommend getting that model or the SportCount Chrono 100 (90000). 

2) The model I have lacks a pause feature. This would be VERY useful. The Chrono 100 does have a pause feature but it cost $10 more and at $49 it’s too expensive for me.

3) The little watch costs $29 which seems a little pricey considering how cheap it is to make watches these days. My mother-in-law bought me the present and laughed that she paid so much for something so small that looks like it came out of a Cracker Jack box. But I have used it enough to make it worth the cost. It is well constructed and designed.

4) SportCount’s website looks very amateurish (unprofessional) so if you are unfamiliar with the product you could be turned away prematurely.  Also their email address is with an AOL.com domainThat is a big no-no turn off.  Real unprofessional since you already own the domain name just add an email address under that domain name. 

5) Sometimes I wish the last lap time would show up quicker after you register the lap.

Overall, I have to say I love my new gadget. It works just as advertised. I now know how long I’ve been swimming, how many laps I have completed and how long it took to complete the lap (and other useful information). I would highly recommend the product.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Translation Tuesdays - Friday Night

Translation Tuesdays - Friday Night

The boredom and monotony of swim training (especially in the pool) inspires many good ideas. The issue is I usually never write them down so they are quickly overwritten with another good idea. I only have enough room in my old, small brain for one idea so by the end of the swim I only have one good idea left in the queue.

Yesterday's “good idea” was for “Translation Tuesdays.” This little inspiration was roughly based off the funny posting from Will Race For Carbs post about Runner vs I Run. In this post she describes what a “real runner” thinks verse what a normal runner thinks. It was a funny post and you should check it out (see I do read other peoples posts).

The idea for “Translation Tuesdays” is to translate an everyday word/phrase to what non-runners, triathletes, etc think it means verse what it means in our crazy heads.  

Today’s word/phrase is “FRIDAY NIGHT”

FRIDAY NIGHT (noun & verb)
Normal Definition of “FRIDAY NIGHT”
* The day of the week were one can let loose, party with friends, drink, go dancing, see a movie with family/friends and generally do things that leave a person having fun very late into the night.

Examples of “FRIDAY NIGHT”
* Friday night at the bar was happening. The guys and I had some beers, watched the game, danced and even flirted with some girls.

* Friday night we went to see the midnight showing of Harry Potter. Then afterwards we hit the IHOP for a late night snack.


* Generally the meaning of FRIDAY NIGHT starts in high school when one discovers the opposite sex and obtains a car but FRIDAY NIGHT hits its perfection during the college years. This is the time when one truly knows the meaning of FRIDAY NIGHT. After having marriage/children the meaning changes slight to watching the TV, children activities, cleaning, and/or general family bickering.

Visual Example:

!!Dance Party!!
Hanging with the boys, drinking beer, playing pool, etc

Triathlete/Runner Meaning:



Chewie's Friday night ZZZ....


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

26.2 With Donna

26.2 With Donna

This review will be more pictures than text but I will add text when I think it is entertaining.

On Saturday, Triston ran the 5K.
He had a great time and ran the race in about 25 minutes.
I got to hang out with the cow.

The cow was giving out cute, small, baby cows and
FREE spicy, chicken biscuits.

While in Jacksonville we visited an old friend.
This was my best friend's son who died
with his girlfriend in a car accident.

We decided to look around while at the cemetery.
This is a head stone from the a volunteer in the FL
Indian War.  This is quite old (circa the early 1800s).

Corp Edward Forrester
Co B 34th US Colored Infantry.
We also saw headstones for the 9th, 10th and 11th
Florida Confederate Volunteers.

I did a little quick research on this headstone. It is not to often you come across Union African American headstones in the south. Corp Forrester started out a private and ended the war as a corporal. His birthday and date of death are unknown. He entered into service on May 17, 1862. Captured at Backer's Creek, Miss on Many 16, 1863. Paroled at Ft Delaware, Del July 3, 1863. Received at City Point, VA July 6, 1863 No later record. SOURCE

"Then 34th Regiment, United States Colored Infantry. Organized February 8, 1864. Mustered out February 28, 1866. Predecessor unit 2nd Regiment, South Carolina Volunteer Infantry (African Descent). Organized at Beaufort and Hilton Head, S. C., May 22, 1863. [Civil War Soldiers & Sailors System]" SOURCE

"The 34th United States Colored Infantry Regiment was a U.S.C.T. infantry regiment in the Union Army during the American Civil War. It was re-organized from the 2nd South Carlina Infantry (African Descent) in February 1864. It was assigned to various posts in Florida and South Carolina, and took part in the Battle of Honey Hill in November 1864" SOURCE

You can learn more about the unit here.

Clarks Fish Camp

Triston has never been to Clark's Fish Camp.  It is pretty good restaurant on the St Johns River.  The food is good but the view of the water is better.  Clark's is also rumored to have the largest taxidermy collection in the United States.  The whole restaurant is packed with stuffed animals and even a live gator.  You can see a slide show of the stuffed animals here.

Panthers, raccoons, giraffe, etc

Lilly the gator that lives in the restaurant.

Giraffe, parrots, etc

Lion, gazelles, snakes, OH MY!!

Even some of my kin folk are there.

It was a feels like of 22F.
It was darn cold the WHOLE race.
We huddled around generators before the race for heat.
I bit my tongue twice when my teeth were chattering.
I could not feel my feet for the first 2 miles.

Ice frozen on the trees.
Some of the water at the aids stations was frozen.

Pink Fireman

Pink Firetruck

Pink volunteers

Pink tutu dogs

Pink Signs

Pretty beach

Running on the beach

Running birds

Pink Frows

"Save the Hooters!!"  The Os are boobs or eyes (I am not sure)

Insert Mammos here LOL
I love the pony tail

Winner of the 26.2 was at 2:06:19.
Damn fast

Race bag.  The race swag was nothing cool.

Some REALLY COLD guy!!

Race bling

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Pre-Race Shopping Fun!!

I am pre-race antique/thrift shopping with my best friend and Triston.  I found some great treasures!!  These are only some of the gems we found!!!

Did the advertisers really think this was the best
outfit to put this guy into? The sad part is I remember this video
being advertised on TV.

I'm speechless!! Pure Awesome!!

Flaming Squirrel Seed Sauce
I love the picture of the squirrel.

A wooden Welchs figurine.
Please tell me a kid made this for their parents. 
If not, I would be scared to meet the person who made it.

Everyone needs a hat with an attached chicken.

Triston found a new friend.  Now he can not say
he has "no body" to talk to.

$800 Kiss figurines.  They are a set of 4 and they are signed.
They stand about 3 feet tall.  KISS NATION BABY!!

17 year old paint primer.  It's got to still be good.

A cool race medal from a 1983 FL running race