Monday, February 27, 2012

Weekend Ramblings

Bike Ride

This weekend I finally got back on the road bike.  I've been slacking on the bike because the FL running weather has been so great for the past couple of months.  Pretty soon the temperatures will be in the high 90s and running will be a really chore but biking will be really nice. 

Getting back on the bike was well... like riding a bike.  My pace started off too fast but then leveled out to about 18 mph.  I road for 2:30 hours and went about 42 miles.  I am in the power building phase of my gym route so my legs are like jello.  The wind was also very gusty and I am not a wind rider.  I got off the bike and then ran 4 miles.  My legs were bricks for the first 2 miles then want into autopilot.

I need to hit the bike hard this weekend.  My Clermont race (super hilly) is coming up in about 50 days.  Last year this course kicked my butt but the temperatures were in the feels like 100-110F.  This year the moved the race up a few months so hopefully it will not be so hot.  I am starting to get scared of how well I will do on the bike due to my slacking.  I need a good ride to boost my confidence.

Tesla Concert

On Thursday I went to the Tesla concert and "rocked out."  The show was mostly all acoustic and the band sounded great.  They were always one of my favorite bands in the 90's.

Bad iphone photo

A little older and a little wider but the same amount of hair.

NBA Jams

The NBA Allstars weekend was here in Orlando so for the average "non-sports guy" it just means there is A LOT more traffic in town.  But it does bring in a ton of money so it is good for the town. 

Bonnie and I took Triston the NBA Jams convention on Sunday.  There were a ton of games and activities for people of all ages.  He had a blast playing all the games and slamming the ball on the 7 foot rims.  We got free tickets for a 5K race they did on Saturday for a charity. 

While Triston was playing I was messing around with the photographers. :-)

The light!! It burns!!

Bonnie is not good at sharing the spotlight.
The lights hit my eyes just right and the dots look like cartoon eyeballs. LOL

Cool entrance to the show.

My size 11s pale in comparison.
Girls, please no comments.

In space no one can hear me scream.
I was the only one who's photo came out blurring every time.
I must be a vampire.


  1. Good luck with your riding. I am sure you will be fine in your race.

    Love the pix!

  2. Size 18's? You could fit a baby in those!

    You're not alone on the bike thing. I haven't ridden nearly as much as I should and I have a tri coming up in a month or so. The weather here though on the other hand has been freezing. Riding inside isn't all that fun.

  3. back in the days when I was a sysadmin Tesla! was the admin password on lots of systems...

  4. Wow those are some big feet!

    Hanging out in your neck of the woods for awhile...well not quite I'm down in Ft. Lauderdale. I'm having a hard time remembering that I'm going to have to go back to snow...however I've been wearing a jacket more here then I do in Denver. A/C and I just don't get along. :)