Thursday, February 9, 2012

Throwback Thursday and Stuff

Me when spiked hair was soo radical!

Throwback Thursday
It's been a while since I posted a throwback picture and for some reason you guys love to see me humiliated so here you go. I think I about 8 years old in this picture. This was back when baseball and spiked hair was cool. It was also when the Detroit Tigers were on fire (so you know that was a long time ago).

26.2 With Donna
This weekend I will be doing the race in Jacksonville. This is always a large and fun race. Triston will be doing the 5K and I will be 13.1. Is anyone else doing this race? 

I know what you did last weekend...

I gave back to the community and judged the local
county level, science fair.  I was a judge for the junior
botany division.  I put the kids through the ringer.

Sunday was repair the house day.
After "playing" roofer for the entire Sunday
I sat down and enjoyed a cold one.
I will call him "Mr Belgium Beer"

I found another option other than bicycle training.

Took Mr Chewie to the dog park where he rolled around
in the dry grass till he was completely covered in hay.
I think he is smiling in this photo.  He was a happy dog at the park.

TriBug.Com Discount
Just a reminder.  Readers of this blog get a 10% discount on online orders at Just enter the promo code HalfTRIing  You can read my review of the company here  They are family owned and operated.  They are also triathletes.


  1. I'll be working the aid station at ~mile 6 for the 1/2 with our tri club Hammerhead Racing. I'll be looking for ya!

  2. @Its all about pace. I will try to stop and say hello. I heard its going to be VERY cold.


  3. Yay for being a science fair judge. I remember trying to wrangles those up for our science fair. I always made my husband do it. Good luck on the 13.1