Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Translation Tuesdays - Friday Night

Translation Tuesdays - Friday Night

The boredom and monotony of swim training (especially in the pool) inspires many good ideas. The issue is I usually never write them down so they are quickly overwritten with another good idea. I only have enough room in my old, small brain for one idea so by the end of the swim I only have one good idea left in the queue.

Yesterday's “good idea” was for “Translation Tuesdays.” This little inspiration was roughly based off the funny posting from Will Race For Carbs post about Runner vs I Run. In this post she describes what a “real runner” thinks verse what a normal runner thinks. It was a funny post and you should check it out (see I do read other peoples posts).

The idea for “Translation Tuesdays” is to translate an everyday word/phrase to what non-runners, triathletes, etc think it means verse what it means in our crazy heads.  

Today’s word/phrase is “FRIDAY NIGHT”

FRIDAY NIGHT (noun & verb)
Normal Definition of “FRIDAY NIGHT”
* The day of the week were one can let loose, party with friends, drink, go dancing, see a movie with family/friends and generally do things that leave a person having fun very late into the night.

Examples of “FRIDAY NIGHT”
* Friday night at the bar was happening. The guys and I had some beers, watched the game, danced and even flirted with some girls.

* Friday night we went to see the midnight showing of Harry Potter. Then afterwards we hit the IHOP for a late night snack.


* Generally the meaning of FRIDAY NIGHT starts in high school when one discovers the opposite sex and obtains a car but FRIDAY NIGHT hits its perfection during the college years. This is the time when one truly knows the meaning of FRIDAY NIGHT. After having marriage/children the meaning changes slight to watching the TV, children activities, cleaning, and/or general family bickering.

Visual Example:

!!Dance Party!!
Hanging with the boys, drinking beer, playing pool, etc

Triathlete/Runner Meaning:



Chewie's Friday night ZZZ....



  1. So true! 'Cause we all know what Saturday brings - the long workouts and you need your sleep!!

    I like the new idea for Tuesday's posts!

  2. I love when people tell me they're going out on a Friday night...I mean, don't they know that we need to be out on the road at 7am the next morning for a long run??

  3. Love it Kevin!! I think you need to keep this going! I am glad I inspired you to do it because I think it is a fabulous idea. I never think of anything in the pool because I am too busy trying to keep count of my laps, which I inevitably lose count of.