Tuesday, February 14, 2012

26.2 With Donna

26.2 With Donna

This review will be more pictures than text but I will add text when I think it is entertaining.

On Saturday, Triston ran the 5K.
He had a great time and ran the race in about 25 minutes.
I got to hang out with the cow.

The cow was giving out cute, small, baby cows and
FREE spicy, chicken biscuits.

While in Jacksonville we visited an old friend.
This was my best friend's son who died
with his girlfriend in a car accident.

We decided to look around while at the cemetery.
This is a head stone from the a volunteer in the FL
Indian War.  This is quite old (circa the early 1800s).

Corp Edward Forrester
Co B 34th US Colored Infantry.
We also saw headstones for the 9th, 10th and 11th
Florida Confederate Volunteers.

I did a little quick research on this headstone. It is not to often you come across Union African American headstones in the south. Corp Forrester started out a private and ended the war as a corporal. His birthday and date of death are unknown. He entered into service on May 17, 1862. Captured at Backer's Creek, Miss on Many 16, 1863. Paroled at Ft Delaware, Del July 3, 1863. Received at City Point, VA July 6, 1863 No later record. SOURCE

"Then 34th Regiment, United States Colored Infantry. Organized February 8, 1864. Mustered out February 28, 1866. Predecessor unit 2nd Regiment, South Carolina Volunteer Infantry (African Descent). Organized at Beaufort and Hilton Head, S. C., May 22, 1863. [Civil War Soldiers & Sailors System]" SOURCE

"The 34th United States Colored Infantry Regiment was a U.S.C.T. infantry regiment in the Union Army during the American Civil War. It was re-organized from the 2nd South Carlina Infantry (African Descent) in February 1864. It was assigned to various posts in Florida and South Carolina, and took part in the Battle of Honey Hill in November 1864" SOURCE

You can learn more about the unit here.

Clarks Fish Camp

Triston has never been to Clark's Fish Camp.  It is pretty good restaurant on the St Johns River.  The food is good but the view of the water is better.  Clark's is also rumored to have the largest taxidermy collection in the United States.  The whole restaurant is packed with stuffed animals and even a live gator.  You can see a slide show of the stuffed animals here.

Panthers, raccoons, giraffe, etc

Lilly the gator that lives in the restaurant.

Giraffe, parrots, etc

Lion, gazelles, snakes, OH MY!!

Even some of my kin folk are there.

It was a feels like of 22F.
It was darn cold the WHOLE race.
We huddled around generators before the race for heat.
I bit my tongue twice when my teeth were chattering.
I could not feel my feet for the first 2 miles.

Ice frozen on the trees.
Some of the water at the aids stations was frozen.

Pink Fireman

Pink Firetruck

Pink volunteers

Pink tutu dogs

Pink Signs

Pretty beach

Running on the beach

Running birds

Pink Frows

"Save the Hooters!!"  The Os are boobs or eyes (I am not sure)

Insert Mammos here LOL
I love the pony tail

Winner of the 26.2 was at 2:06:19.
Damn fast

Race bag.  The race swag was nothing cool.

Some REALLY COLD guy!!

Race bling


  1. loks like you had fun (and did not freeze) in Jax. Sorry I missed you

  2. I loved this race when I ran it a few years ago, having survivors, patients, and people running in memory of those lost was so special. I ran it for my aunt and gave her my medal. Can't believe they've already had their 5th running of it! I'm glad you made it through without freezing anything off!!!

  3. That looks like a really nice race. I think I will put it on my bucket list.

  4. It does look fun! But what good is it to go to FL if its below freezing!!!????!?!? BRR

  5. That was pretty cold for FL, huh?! I love that free mammogram sign. That is pretty classic!

  6. I always thought it was suppose to be warm in FL!! I had to do a double take on the weather pic you posted! That running on the beach though looked pretty nice I have to say, even if it was cold!