Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Translation Tuesdays - THE POOL

THE POOL (noun)

Normal Definition
A fun place to lay around, read a book, float around, get a tan, check out girls/boys, drink a fruity drink with an umbrella, etc.

Examples of "The Pool"
  • After breakfast lets go hang out at the pool and read a book.  Maybe we can get some pina coladas.

Normal Visual Example

Triathlete Meaning:
A place where one spends hours swimming back and forth staring at a blue line wondering when the madness will end.

No more stupid laps!!

Hours starting at a blue line and trying to figure out how to count all the tiles.


  1. I am in the middle of the triathlete version this time of the year. I want the other version to make its way to my life again!

  2. I'm always checking out the random things that float around. Like a hair or what looks like a tear of a piece of paper, hair bands, bobby pins.