Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Translation Tuesdays - "Sleeping In"


Normal Definition

For normal people sleeping in is done on the weekend.  Having the day off affords the person to naturally awaken to the sweet sound of the birds.  For those with children sleeping in still occurs but is generally less than those with non-children.  In college and high school sleeping in is an art form.  High school kids sleep in till around noon.

Examples of "Sleeping In"
  • Wow, isn't it nice to have the day off and being able get up whenever I want.

Normal Visual Example

Waking up to the sound of the bird and the rising sun.

Triathlete Meaning:
  • Getting up so early that you piss off the rosters for waking them up. 
  • Getting up so early that collage kids and night clubbers are still working on getting back to their homes to sleep in.
  • Getting up so early the dog refuses to get out of bed to go for a walk. 
  • Sleeping is usually the days we have to go to work.
  • All this is done in the name of "fun" and "training."
Triathlete Visual Example

My ACTUAL sleeping in alarms from my last race.
I actually got up at 0330 on a Sunday to run 13.1 miles in
feels like 26F freezing weather.


  1. We often run at the beach very early on Sunday morning... a couple of months ago we passed two guys carrying a cooler... each with a beer in their free hand. We laughed about that one all day.

  2. Grateful my alarms don't head much earlier than 4.30am.
    6am however is a sleep in! "Normal" people think I am mad.