Monday, March 12, 2012

Swimming in the Rain

Yes, it was raining that hard!
Sunday, I was all set to finally do an outdoor ride.  It seems like every weekend it has either rained or family todos have blocked me from cycling.  I have not cycled outside since November's Miami Man 70.3.  I got to get outside.  I have Clermont 70.3 coming up in about 30-40 days. 

Me looking like a wet dog.

The temperature outside was suppose to be great with only a 30% chance of rain all day.  Well, fire that weatherman.  I rained from the minute I hit the bike till long into the night.  It rained so hard I think I was bike and swim training at the same time.  Now, that's time management!!

Needless to say my outting was in less than steller conditions.  It rained the entire ride with high winds.  Only 5 crazy people showed up for the ride and were foolish enough to go out in the rain.  Those who did ride had fun and made the best of the situation. 

Thank god for the glasses keeping all the mud and rain out of my eyes.


  1. You're a better biker than me. I'll do the wind and fight it and not like it but not sure about the rain. I just look at the rain and get a headache. HAHAHAHAH! You have an 70.3 soon!

  2. Well that sounds fun...NOT! ;)

  3. well, well, well Mr. Hardcore! Great job sticking it out. I only biked in the rain once and I only did it because it was 20 miles back to the start line, I did not choose to ride in the rain, it just rained.

  4. Oh you are so much more of a bad ass than me. I am a total weenie when it comes to what weather I will ride in. I too hadn't had an outside ride in awhile and finally got to this week. So nice!