Tuesday, March 27, 2012

To Tired To Write

I'm sorry but I am too tired to write today.  I have the Clermont 70.3 coming up in about 20 days and I have been hitting the gym, pool, pavement and bike way too much.  My eyes are droopy and the coffee has not hit my veins yet.  Here is a quick update of the weekend.

Me hanging out with the Geico lizard.
"I once caught a fish this big"
(Name that movie)

This is what my 11 mile run looked like at 5:00 AM!!

I did a 43 mile bike ride in the wind.
I nearly bonked.

After the bike ride I got some anti-bonk medicine!


  1. lol! Lucky for me we have street lights or my run would have looked like that too...all though much much shorter. :)

    Yummy on the anti bonk meds!

  2. Wow!!! Look at those cupcakes!!! 43 miles in the wind has to be insane!