Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Translation Tuesday - Short Run

Short Run (Noun)

Normal Definition
For most people I know a short run is the distance between the car and the Starbuck's/McDonalds entrance. A short run for most Americans is only performed if it is raining and they forget their umbrella.  Sadly this is also considered their LONG and ONLY run.

Example of Short Run
Honey, it's raining grab the kid and lets run to the door before the rain comes down harder.

Runners/Triathletes Definition
This can not be defined.  This can mean a 1 mile to a 100 mile run.  A short run for some is the longest run some will ever do.  A friend of mine is training for a 100 mile running event.  The other night she did a short run of 30 miles.  For me a short run is about 6 miles.  For some it would be 1 mile run.  But it does not matter if yours is 1 mile or 30 miles as long as you are moving and enjoying the run.