Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Saucony Zealot ISO Running Shoes Review

A good shoe is like a old friend.  You go though both the good times and bad times together.  Together you push through the heat, pain, joys, fears, etc. 
This year I had to say goodbye to my old friend the Saucony Mirage (review).  My friend helped me through dozens of 13.1, a half dozen 26.2, a dozen 70.3 and three 140.6. We had five models and many, many years together..  We had some good years and a not so good year.  The Mirage 4 was not your best model but the Mirage 5 added some much needed changes and I had high hopes of spending many more years with my old friend.  But Saucony said they had enough of you and discontinued make you. 
This year I had to find a new friend to train with.  I have IM Chat 140.6 later in the year.  I did not know how I could ever find a friend to replace the Saucony Mirage. 
Saucony then introduced me to a new sexy model called the Zealot ISO.  They said she was just like the Mirage.  So when my last set of Mirages had to be put to rest I had to move onto my new friend the Zealot ISO.  With tears in my eyes I put on the new Zealot's and we went out on a running date.
The date started off slow as we got to know each other I found my new friend very comfortable.  I am sad to say she is a great replacement for the Mirage.  The new shoe is very well constructed and extremely comfortable.  It breaths very well in the hot Florida heat.  It has a 4mm offset (like the Mirage).  The Red/Black/Silver model is really cool looking also.
I highly recommend the Zealot ISO.  It is a great replacement for the Mirage and the Zealot has become my primary running shoe. 
For more information on the Zealot (see Saucony page here)

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