Monday, December 5, 2011

Tough Mudder Tampa Race/Event Review

Tough Mudder Tampa Race/Event Review


On Saturday I survived the Tough Mudder Tampa event.  This was pure craziness.  In a race where you have to sign a “Death Weaver” to participate that is saying a lot.  Go here for my pre-race review.  It describes the craziness of this event. 
Screw Muddy Buddy this was a SERIOUS course.  It was just under 12 miles and about 22 obstacles.  Every lake, ditch, creek, etc on that cattle property we swam, crawled and/or slopped through.  You were constantly wet and extremely muddy. 
Crazy, muddy angel finisher.  Somehow he was able to keep the
angel halo on the entire race but he lost his pink wig on the
second obstical.

Here is a taste of what you had to endure for 12 miles.  First you had to jump and swim in a dumpster filled with colored ice water.  They were dumping in a back hoe of ice just before we jumped into the water. There was mud crawls under bob wire, underwater tunnels, a HUGE mountain of hay to climb, rope climbs, flame runs, etc.  And don’t forget you had run through a muddy pit with dangling electric wires.  To make it worse they sprayed you down with a hose BEFORE you got shocked to make the experience that much more “enjoyable.”  Below is only a SMALL list of what they put us through.
The crazy high hay barrel climb.

This race has it all (see here for a course description):
  • Running 12 miles
  • Electroshock Theropy (some have 10,000 volts)
  • Steeplechases
  • Mud pits filled with ice cubes
  • 15ft hall wall jumps into lakes
  • Underwater tunnels
  • Mud Crawls with barbwire overhead
  • Huge mountains of hay to climb
  • Spider web rope climbs
  • Huge monkey bars that are sometimes greased with butter
  • 4ft high flame runs
  • Rope river crossings
  • Wall climbs
  • Trenches filled with mud
  • Cargo net crawls
  • Bridge climbs
  • Swamp bog crossings (watch out for the alligators)
  • Tire Tunnels
  • Hay bail jumping
  • High pressure water jets
  • Telephone log carrying

Electroshock Theropy

The race even had a tattoo parlor (a REAL tattoo parlor ON SITE) where you could get your Tough Mudder tattoo.  There was also a barber shop on site to get you mohowk and mullet haircut.  There was beer everywhere.  They even gave you a free beer the second you finished the race.  After the race there were food trucks, fair food, live bands on stage, keg tossing contests and of course more beer.
Pre-race photo of hat and shirt.

A better shot of the ugly sweater that screamed
get me muddy and mess me up.

My friend and I dress up with silly, monster, kids hats and horrible Christmas sweaters for the race.  I wore that ugly sweater and hat the whole event without losing them.  I should get a award just for accomplishing that.
You if ever get the change to do a Tough Mudder race DO IT.  It was great.
I highly suggest you look at the photos of the event here.

The race number barely made it through the whole race.
The Tough Midder orange headband.


  1. I am signed up for a TM in Vermont - this one is 10 miles though, not 12 like what you just did! Looks so fun!! WHERE is your post race mud picture?

  2. that looks ridiculous! I've had friends that finished the one in WI and IN...Looks like you had a blast! Congrats Tough Mudder :)

  3. My son's friend did that race. She had a great time and gained my respect!

  4. @CaraTunk Girl: I will post the after pic when my buddy emails it to me. Email me when you completed your TM. I want to read your review.

    @Donna G: Have fun at the Miami Beach 13.1

    @Christi: It was a tough race and everyone gained some respect after completing it.

  5. I decided no on this race when you said something about electrocution. Glad you had fun!! I think I will pass though!

  6. Crap! I almost died during the 3 mile adventure race I did! I can NOT imagine 12! Congrats!

  7. I did the one here in Colorado back in June and had a great time. So much fun! Glad you enjoyed it too!!

  8. Due to the environment the focus of attention is on the training need and the participants are able to concentrate on the Team Building Activities.

  9. Oh boy, I've just got coerced into the Colorado Tough Mudder (this August). I heard about the electricity ... I just refused to believe it. Yikes.