Tuesday, August 21, 2012

AquaGear Shipment Arrived


AquaGear.com contacted me about a week ago requesting a review in exchange for some free goodies.  I first spent some time investigating if the request was legitimate.  Bloggers are always getting targeted SPAM that is not legitimate and at first I admit I thought this was the same. 

After some talks with Julie with AquaGear.com I determined the request was kosher.   Julie was AWESOME.  She answered all my questions and even suggested goggles for me try.  


I decided to try out the following:

1) Summer Solutions Swimmer's Soap - In hopes that it stops me from stinking of chlorine and gets rid of my natural stanch.

2) Barracuda Aquia Shampoo  - In hopes that it stops me from stinking of chlorine and makes my hair stop turning grey and falling out..

3) Aqua Sphere Vista Mask - In hopes that I can better see all the band aids, hair-ties and hair at the bottom of the pool

4) Aqua Sphere Goggle Case - To keep my new FREE goggles scratch free.

I hope to get a review out Thursday after my Wednesday swim.

In the mean time, check out AquaGear.com.  HalfTRIing readers get a 5% discount.  The coupon code to use is fivehalftri5  This code will expire in about 1 year.

See you on Thursday with the honest / unbiased review.   

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  1. can't wait to see how you go with the goggles - i'm thinking a large pair might be the way to go - i often suffer pain around my eye sockets with the usual style