Monday, December 3, 2012

OUC Half Marathon Orlando

OUC Half Marathon Orlando

2010 OUC Half Marathon Race review is located here.

Yesterday was the OUC Half Marathon in Orlando.  This is always a great race and it's pretty much in my back yard.  The race passes within on block of my house.  The course is also about 70% of the course I run every weekend for my 70.3 training (which makes it a little boring for me). Unfortunately, the race is also held on about 2 miles of old brick which loves to mess with my knees.

The race went really well for me considering how many races I have completed in the past month.  I had Rev3 70.3, and then two weeks later I had Miami Man 70.3.  The week after that was Space Coast 13.1 and this race followed seven days later.  Next week I have the Santa Run 13.1.  Needless to say I am investing in Advil lately.

I completed the race in 1:55:03 with a 8:46 pace.  Which is two minutes faster then my 2010 result.

Beautiful Downtown Orlando

Swans in Lake Eola

Orlando's sister city is Urayasu, Japan

Lake Eola' Japanese pagoda in honor of our sister city

Several drummers came from Japan to play for us at the race.
This was REALLY cool!! (see a video of them below).

Video of the Japanese drummers (really cool).

Bonnie flying past the drummers

Stupid me

Mentos, the fresh maker!
Age grouper awards

The Bling


  1. nicely done... it looks like you guys had fun

  2. Not too shabby for some bad knees. Not to worry, my knees hate me too :) I like that medal! A lot!