Wednesday, August 22, 2012

AquaGear Swim Shop Review

AquaGear Swim Shop Review


Please excuse any typos and grammar issues.  I worked a 14 hour day yesterday and the morning coffee has not yet entered the bloodstream.

Julie (a representative from contacted me about a week ago to do a review of their store and some of their products.  They offered me $40 worth of free product in exchange for a honest review. 

At first I thought this was a targeted blog scam.  I did some research and discovered many other bloggers who were also contacted and did a review.  So I proceeded with caution and ask a few questions to put my mind at ease.  After some back and forth emails with Julie, I was satisfied this was legitimate. 

Before I proceed with the AquaGear review let me make something clear.  This is an honest review.  Yes, they gave me $40 worth of free gear (which was nice) but anyone who knows me knows that I can sometimes be honest to a fault.  You will see this when I do my review of my experiences with TriSports (who will never get my business again after the experience I had with them).

Customer Service: Grade A
It is so nice when you get great customer service.  It really sells you on a company.  AquaGear excelled in this area.  They had awesome customer service. Their email response time was extremely quick and useful. I was trying to pick out some cool new goggles and had no idea what I wanted.  I asked Julie about some of the goggle I was looking at and she gave me a very honest review of each of them.  She even suggested the cheaper of the two goggles. 

Shipping/Delivery: Grade A
My package was shipped the same day I ordered it.  It arrived in about 1-2 days (ground normal shipping).  But in all fairness they are located in West Palm Beach, Florida which is only about a 3-4 hour drive from my house.  But the package was shipped within 24 hours as advertised which was great.  Shipping is free on orders about $75 and standard shipping is just $5.99 regardless of order size.

Prices: Grade A
I did a quick price comparison of some of their products and it appears their prices are much lower than brick and mortar shops and at (or below) other online retailers.  I do not buy much swimming equipment so I am not the best to grade this category.

Website Ease of Use: Grade C
The left hand produce menu changes with nearly every click.  It seems to be context sensitive to what you are currently looking at.  This means you have to go back to the main website to find items not related to your current item.  This can be confusing.  It is also one BIG menu so it is easy to get lost.  The good news is if you know exactly what you are looking for they have a great search box on the top right.

Website User Reviews: Grade ?
One thing I found frustrating (and it is probably not AquaGear's fault) is the customer reviews.  It seems that no items actually have customer reviews.  This made the website seem like they have had no customers or just started their business. They should somehow encourage customers to place product reviews or they should place links to the AquaGear blog reviews on their website.

Merchandise: Grade A
They have a TON of quality and variety items to choose from.  You seem to carry most major brands.  They have EVERYTHING you should ever need for swimming.

Overall I think AquaGear is GREAT and HIGHLY recommend you doing business with them.  It was a joy working with them and I have no complaints.  It was a great experience.

BTW - HalfTRIing readers (all two of you) get an AquaGear 5% discount. The coupon code to use is fivehalftri5 This code will expire in about 1 year.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

AquaGear Shipment Arrived

IMAGE SOURCE contacted me about a week ago requesting a review in exchange for some free goodies.  I first spent some time investigating if the request was legitimate.  Bloggers are always getting targeted SPAM that is not legitimate and at first I admit I thought this was the same. 

After some talks with Julie with I determined the request was kosher.   Julie was AWESOME.  She answered all my questions and even suggested goggles for me try.  


I decided to try out the following:

1) Summer Solutions Swimmer's Soap - In hopes that it stops me from stinking of chlorine and gets rid of my natural stanch.

2) Barracuda Aquia Shampoo  - In hopes that it stops me from stinking of chlorine and makes my hair stop turning grey and falling out..

3) Aqua Sphere Vista Mask - In hopes that I can better see all the band aids, hair-ties and hair at the bottom of the pool

4) Aqua Sphere Goggle Case - To keep my new FREE goggles scratch free.

I hope to get a review out Thursday after my Wednesday swim.

In the mean time, check out  HalfTRIing readers get a 5% discount.  The coupon code to use is fivehalftri5  This code will expire in about 1 year.

See you on Thursday with the honest / unbiased review.   

Monday, August 20, 2012

Moving Soreness

I spent the entire day moving a friend yesterday.  You know you are good friend when you volunteer to move someone.  I was one of only two people who moved all the heavy items.  We started moving at 9:30am and dropped the truck off a 8:00pm and the move was only about 2 miles away.  I felt fine yesterday but today I am feeling slightly sore.

Yesterday while moving the
massive amounts of furniture I felt like this!

Today I feel more like this!
Calgon take me away.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

I'm Alive!!

Sorry for the lack of updates.  My life has been crazy busy lately. 

So what has happened since last we talked:

1) The family took a trip to Canada.  We also went back to the states and visited the Jello museum.  J-E-L-L-O!!

2) Rotary International - I was voted the club's President Elect for 2013 - 2014.  I was also voted the clubs Secretary for 2012- 2013.  This is keeping me crazy busy.

3) HEAT TRAINING!!  I've been biking and running in the 105-110F Florida heat.

4) Working crazy hours at work. 

I hope to give a better update soon.  Sorry for ignoring you!!  :-)