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Genuine Innovations Air Chuck Elite Review - TriBug

Genuine Innovations Air Chuck Elite Review - TriBug

Simple, small, light and easy to use.
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The other day I ordered a second Genuine Innovations Air Chuck Elite from TriBug.com

This is a great, small, light and simple air chuck.  It takes up little to no room in my saddle bag and is simple to use.  Just screw on a CO2 cartridges, then press the check against the tube valve (Presta or Schrader).  The air flow is also controllable.  The harder you press the faster the air comes out.  If you stop the pressure the inflation also stops. 
There is not much you can detail about air chucks especially when they function perfectly like the Genuine Innovations Air Chuck Elite.  It just works and does its job great.  I love how small it is and how the air flow is controllable.
TriBug.com has an awesome sale on these right now ($15.99 which includes a 16 gram CO2 cartidge).  Remember, the awesome guys at TriBug give HalfTRIing readers a 15% discount.The coupon code to use is HalfTRIing You can read my earlier review of them here.

You can order the product here.

Product Description (Source)
  • All metal alloy design
  • Weight: 17 grams
  • Easy to use and fully controllable
  • Push-to-Inflate technology
  • Works with both Presta and Schrader valves
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Made in the USA
  • Push-To-Inflate technology for fast, easy & controllable single- handed CO2 inflation!
  • Completely redesigned for 2010! All metal design. Now 25% lighter! Only 17 grams!
  • Fits Presta and Schrader valves.
  • Works with all Genuine Innovations 12, 16, 25 gram threaded CO2 cartridges & Big Air! (Not 45 gram cartridges.)
  • Uses 12, 16, 25 gram CO2 cartridges, and Big Air! or other cartridges using a 3/8-24 thread

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