Tuesday, June 18, 2013


I'm having a blah week so I figured I would share some misc things in my life.
I planted a GIANT jalapeno bush in my back yard.
(and this is one of the smaller ones)

For those of you who have kids this
will give you a better idea on how big they get.
Next month starts the new Rotary year and I won an award
at the changing of the guards banquet. I will be
president of the club again next year.
"For exceptional service on behalf of Rotary"

A successful two week can food drive I put on for

Our Rotary club had a social night at the local ice cream store.
I thought this was cute.
Chewie learned a new trick (bad habit) from the cat.

$35 bed or on top of the clean clothes?!


The Southern Magnolias are in bloom.
I saw this one on my run this weekend.

Air Plant Porn from my lawn

It turns pink once a year on the first
day of summer every year.
The air plant above it turns pink and flowers only once
a year on the first day of spring. Natures calender.

Triston finally graduated high school and is on his way to
community college.  Now he is learning how the
real word works and does not like it.


  1. Looks like you have been keeping busy!

  2. That plant porn is amazing and congrats on being the prez and your son graduating in to the real world. :)

  3. I love those random things! I think I must do a similar post. Everything awesome!