Friday, August 30, 2013

My First "Official" 26.2 Registered

So I signed up for my first "official" marathon.  I say "official" because I did complete an ultra 30 mile race (really 31.25 miles) about 2 years ago. See post here.  It was not official because I was officially signed up for the 15 mile race. Bonnie loves to remind me of that.  :-)  But I did run over 30 miles so it counts in my books.

I will be doing the 26.2 With Donna in Jacksonville, FL in February.  I've done their 13.1 for many years and love the race.  The 26.2 should also be fun.

I will be doing the marathon in preparation for the Ironman Florida FULL 2014.  Yes, I will be doing my first FULL Ironman in 2014! 


  1. This is great! Enjoy the buildup towards these fantastic goals!

  2. WOW!! Congrats congrats!! So exciting.
    I'm tempted to do that race myself - I have family in Jacksonville so I've actually run into the Deegans at the beach before ;)
    I might be doing the River Run 15K this March. I'm anxious to watch your progress for the IM!! As we say in the opera business: "Corraggio!"

  3. nice... I have done both of those races in the past... and might just be doing both again in 2014.

    see ya at the races!

  4. Have a great time :-)

    I would count the 50km also!!