Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Soles 4 Souls Century Ride name is Kevin and I have a problem with training. 

Yes, on Sunday I did yet another 103 mile charity ride.  What is it about the training pain that I can not seem to get enough of?  Does anyone else have this addition?!  Bonnie called me a beast to her friends (of course she is doing her first century ride this weekend).

Funny but back to back weekends of century rides has not seemed to have effected my legs.  They are not sore or tired.  They feel great.  Strange?!

Sunday's ride was the Soles 4 Souls charity ride.  The course was in the shape of a figure 8 with the sag stop in the middle of the 8.  You hit the sag stop every ~33 miles.  Three loops made 103ish miles.

The first two loops were easy.  I did not draft at all and was holding about a 20 mph pace.  The last loop got REALLY windy and was brutal.  I finished the 103 miles without drafting in about 5:30:00.  Not to shabby for me considering I just did 105 miles the previous Sunday.  Average around 19.4 mph.

The after party was really fun.  They had several coolers of really good craft beer and smoothies.  There was a BBQ going with chicken, vegetables and hot Italian sausage.  It was a ton of fun.

This weekend is my best friends 60th birthday so it will be a well deserved rest weekend for me.  That means I will go crazy without sneaking in some form of exercise.

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