Tuesday, June 24, 2014

RooSport 2.0 Wallet - KickStarter

I have the RooSport 1.0  and love it for small runs during lunch time where I have to carry my security badge, my locker key, cash, 1-2 gels, credit card, etc..  It's nice, small and comfortable to carry.  I have used it twice a week for almost 2 years now and have been happy with it.

For me, it's a little to small for anything more than a training run.  I would not want to carry more than about 2 gels in it (but maybe that will change now that it is becoming larger).  I also could not see putting my cell phone into it due to the weight and discomfort (but maybe others do not notice).

The magnets are super strong and I have not had any issues with them.  The material is  nylon and very comfortable.  No chaffing or discomfort. 

It is not waterproof (but none of my belts are).  I always recommend putting all your moisture sensitive items in a zip top bag.

This would be a good product to use while traveling to carry/conceal your valuables and passport.  It would also be good for those days where you only need to carry a few items around instead of carrying your whole purse or wallet.

I am excited to see the new/upgraded version being offered on Kickstarter.  Go check it out here.

RooSports FAQ will answer most of your questions.
RooSports Website
Kickstarter Link

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