Monday, March 9, 2015

Orlando City Soccar Inaugural MLS Game

They dressed up the Citrus Bowl.
On Sunday (after our 85 mile bike ride) Bonnie and I went to the inaugural MLS game of Orlando City Soccer (err.. football).  It was the second largest attended MLS EVER!!  The stadium as 60K seats and 62K people attended the game.  2K people bought standing room only seats!!
The fans were wild.  I have never been to an MLS game but I have a feeling now that Orlando has hit the big time we will be attending many more.  We had a great time.
Our seats at the 50 yard line
(hey, it's football right)
The crazy people section
Cool banner
LED Score Board

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  1. Looks like fun! Soccer has gone crazy here after they built a new stadium a few years ago...if you build it they will come!