Monday, March 21, 2011

Training Update and a Mini HIM

Last Weeks Training
 Monday        45 min swimming (Morning )
                      1hr Chest (Lunch)
Tuesday         1hr Back
Wednesday    1hr Swim
Thursday        1hr ABS
Friday            OFF
Saturday        62 miles cycling followed by a 13.1 mile run
Sunday          OFF

Mini HIM
On Saturday I nearly did a half ironman brick.  I was able to do everything but the swim portion.  I cycled about 62 mile and ran 13.1 miles.  The problem was I did it in the hills of Cleremont and in the middle of the FL heat.  Running in those hills is great training but brutal!  So what did I learn:
  1. Running after 62 miles cycling hurts to high heaven.  It's a pain you can not describe
  2. Crying was considered
  3. The pain goes away after 2 miles running
  4. The pain comes back after 8 miles running
  5. The pain comes back the next day
  6. Advil helps
  7. No matter how much you yell at your legs at some point they will not obey.
  8. Cleremont hills suck
  9. The reason the first portion of the run was nice because it was all down hill
  10. The hills never stopped going up on the last portion of the run
  11. Florida heat sucks
  12. I am moving to Alaska or Siberia.
  13. Doing a mini HIM by yourself sucks
  14. Cheering crowds help a ton
  15. I have NO interest in training for an full Ironman (don't quote me on that)
  16. I love my camelback (Ultimate Direction Wasp)  Buy on now.
  17. You drink A TON of water in Florida heat (128 ounces on the bike & 2 liters on the run)
  18. Sunscreen is a must
  19. Reapplying sunscreen is a must
  20. I love my cycling glasses for both running and cycling (Smith Pivlock V90)
  21. When a cyclist says it is 1 mile till the next water stop multiple that number by 5.
  22. When a running says it is 5.21 miles till the next water stop, you can be damn sure they know what they are talking about
  23. Many cyclists have egos.  When they show off by saying they have 7 more miles to ride, you can crush that ego by saying you have 13.1 miles to run.  Rock beats paper.  Run beats Bike
  24. GUs are great
  25. GUs suck
  26. All GUs taste the same after you have had  over 7 of them.
  27. That GU taste NEVER goes away
  28. A cold shower is a gift from God.
  29. The shower can never get cold enough
Strange Sights I Saw
  1. A man running in Florida heat in a dress polo shirt and long cargo pants
  2. A women running in Florida heat in black cotton capris, black cotton shirt and no water
  3. A women cycling in Florida heat in black cotton capris, black cotton shirt and a black winter vest jacket.
  4. Several pieces of discarded women's clothing  (Socks, shorts, shirt & underwear).  Strange?!
  5. At mile 6 of the running several Indians were having what appeared to be a rave.  Their music could be heard for about 2 miles.  They were all dressed up and had colored baby powder thrown on them with their face panted.  All they needed were some glow sticks and pacifiers.  They stated it was a celebration of spring but I don't buy it.


  1. That is amazing! Great workout. Let me know how that move to alaska goes. :)

  2. Wow, you saw some really amazing things out on your run and bike! I really like this "When a cyclist says it is 1 mile till the next water stop multiple that number by 5." My friends are notorious for doing that to me!

  3. I wonder how many of those 'strange sites' were real?

  4. Alaska or Siberia = mosquitoes and neither will make GU taste any different.

  5. I had the EXACT same thought as #15 myself this weekend.

  6. @Ewa - Mosquitoes in Alaska ( Wow I learn something new everyday. Do they live in Siberia also. At least the run would not be in the high 80s and 90s.

    @TriJames: Maybe I was just hallucinating.


  7. Wow - awesome training session! And yes, run beats bike any time :)

  8. I've missed your posts. Quite amusing!

    Love the run trumps bike...although I've come to like running whenever I run by a biker I think "I'd rather be on my bike" when riding past a runner I think "I'm glad I'm on my bike!"

  9. This was absolutely hilarious! Thanks for the great and very entertaining post. And GREAT job!!! Holy smokes!