Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Better Than Gu Brew

Better Than Gu Brew

These came out yummy!
What do you do on your free time?

One of my hobbies is making hard cider and mead (honey wine).  Just yesterday I a new brew.  It is a acerglyn (a honey wine with maple syrup).  The house is starting to smell like sweet honey maple wine.  I don't have a large amount of free time and this is one hobby that does not require much time and the rewards are great.  You would be amazed at home many friends come out of the woodworks when they hear you are bottling a new wine.  :-)

The last time I used oneof these I was in organic chemistry class
but making wine is far more fun.
The rewards!!
What do you do on your free time? Leave me a comment.


  1. That's awesome. I wish I could try some since Wine is the only thing I actually drink.

    What do I do with my free time? Prep for my not-free time. Wait, does that count? haha I like to read, do puzzles, go hiking, cook, and if I'm back home in NY (which only seems to be at Christmas now) I love to do some carpentry with my dad.

  2. Ha! I found myself thinking 'what could be better than GU Brew'? Well, your homemade wine definitely looks a heck of a lot better! ;) Please feel free to share your recipe. ;)

    Free time? Never heard of it. ;)

  3. ooh, that looks like fun! I've been thinking about setting up a home brew (beer) operation, but I have small living space and not enough time!

  4. My son and I are just about to embark on trying brewing - beer for me and root beer for him!

  5. Great hobby!
    Free time?? hm...reading! I love to read!

  6. @Beth & @Kovas - I would suggest first brewing a mead or a cider. Both are REALLY easy. Brewing beer is a little harder and requires more equipment. Cider and mead are a good starting point.

    @Kovas - I also brew soda. I have a great book about making soda if you are interested. I also have a great book about brewing mead if anyone is interested.

    @Silly Girl: My brew is better than GU brew. I just don't recommand it while you are riding Trixie. :-) Recipies for mead are easy. Yeast, water, and honey. Cider is just yeast and water. I have a great book about brewing mead if anyone is interested.


  7. i feel like cider giveaway coming on...