Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Weekend Party and Rain

Weekend Party and Rain
Chewie loves a good party!!

This weekend we celebrated Bonnie’s birthday with the family.  I cooked dinner (Steamed shrimp, basil and tomato langostino (a crawfish like tail), bake potatoes, cauliflower and cheddar casserole, and pepper jelly phylo horderves. We also had Bonnie’s favorite tradition, Carvel ice cream cake with the “black crunchies.”
Cute Candles. 
I'm getting old and bought 10 less than needed. 
Bonnie was happy I thought she was younger than she really is.

Augusta leftovers were consumed while cooking.

I also baked Blood, Sweat and Cupcakes  family folklore “Coconut Tea Buns”. They were really good and I added some almond extract to the mix to give it a different kick.  I think the recipe instructions she provided to me were a little off.  The buns had more of the consistency of drop cookies than buns.  They were great none-the -less.  The picture of her grandfather has him using condensed milk and him adding it a little at a time to make a biscuit like dough.  I have a feeling he added it a little at a time till it was the right consistency and did not necessarily use it all like I did.  I also used the Kitchen Aid mixer instead of my hands (which were preoccupied with the Augusta leftovers :-) ).  I will try that next time.  They were almost like scone cookies.  They would be great with several morning coffees.
I ate more cookie dough than cookies!


Some for the neighbors

 On Saturday I did my morning 3K open water swim in the pouring rain.  It rained cats and dogs in Central Florida ALL weekend so I did not get a bike ride in.  I also ran 2 hours on the treadmill.  Monday I had off for Columbus Day so I did a 2K open water swim.  I am now up to 91 crossings at Lucky’s Lake.  I almost at the 100K club.


  1. Cookie dough is better than cookies anyways. The dough rarely ever makes it into the oven at my place!

  2. I'm so glad you tried them out!
    However I MUST have messed up the instructions because I've never seen them turn out that way :) The mixer might have something to do with it, who knows!?

    Happy Birthday, Bonnie!

  3. Everything looks amazing! cute puppy.