Monday, September 17, 2012

Lack of Blogging

Without any recent races I have had nothing to write about.  I am suffering from bloggers-block.  It was also a really rough month so my mind and heart were not into blogging. 

It seems like many of my bloggers friends are also not posting much lately.

My Rotary Club is taking up a great deal of my time lately.  In a moment of weakness I volunteered to be this years secretary and next years president.  It is a fairly new club with few members and many issues.  We are basically rebuilding the club from the ground up.  It is taking a ton of my time and efforts.  I hope it pays off for the club.

I have two races coming soon.  The Rev3 Florida 70.3 and Miami Man 70.3.  In another moment of weakness I signed up for both races without realizing they were only 14 days apart.  That should prove to be a test of my strength (or weakness).  :-)

Does anyone actually read this stuff anymore.  Please let me know because I was thinking of turning off the blog.


  1. I wondered where you had disappeared too. Sometimes life gets crazy, good luck keeping it balanced.

  2. I still read you when I see you :) when I'm blogging. I like you have been pretty lax in the blog department. But keep it going, even if you just post occassionally about races or whatever, you'll probably be glad you have the info for yourself later on..