Monday, October 1, 2012

Ironman WORK - 165.8

I'm not sure what takes more out of you, long days at work or long races. I've done over 2 dozen half marathons, a Tough Mutter, and 6 half Ironman and nothing compares to the "endurance exercise" I did the past two weeks.

In the past two weeks I have racked over 165.8 hours at work.  I had one 19.5 hours day. My average day was about 14.5 hours long.  I got out of the house before anyone in the house moved and got home after the TEENAGER went to bed. 

Pure Cuban Goodness

I consumed far more Cuban cortaditos than the human body should be made to endure.  For those of you who don’t know what a Cuban cortadito is let me explain.  If Starbuck’s espresso is a gateway drug than a Cuban cortadito is the heroin of espresso.  It’s espresso crack mixed with demerara sugar.  It is pure Cuban gold.  And I am addicted thanks to my Cuban friends.

Yummy Quesitos

I also ate way too many Puerto Rican quesitos.  Quesitos are puff pastry coded in sugary caramelized syrup, stuffed with cream cheese and baked.  They are what you need to request for your last meal on earth.

We eventually were told by our executive to NOT come in this weekend.  He told us that we had to have two days rest before we came back in to start it all over again. 

Lack of sleep and huge amounts of brain activity does strange things to the human body.  It is very similar to doing LONG endurance exercises.  Your mind goes into auto mode.   You don’t think you just do.  You cannot sleep even when you have the time to sleep.  You cannot stop focusing on a goal of finishing the race at hand.  Pain and suffering is ignored and you just carry on through the pain.

Even while working this many hours I still was able to do all my weekday runs, swims and bike exercises but I was not able to do my weekend long run and bike ride though.

Oh what fun, this week I get to do it all over again!!  And I don't get a medal for it!!


  1. Those pictures make me want to lick the screen. Wow those look good.

    Must be the time of year to be busy at work. I've almost grown into the side of my desk.

  2. Now that sounds like an event that was held by the gods. Long hours of work stacked with weekday training and exercising. Definitely pushing barriers. Speaking of barriers...I must try the cuban coffee. I'll make sure to drink it first thing in the morning...

    you can do it!

  3. ummm except for the food and drink part that does not sound like fun.....