Wednesday, April 17, 2013

New 6 Bottle Hydration System

Six bottles should be fine for the Ironman don't you think
or should I carry more?
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Six Bottle Bike Bag Saddle Bags
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Now do I need six bottles for the Ironman or do I need twelve?

Per the description the "secure Velcro attachment system (for all the rad jumps)".  Its been a long time since I have jumped some "rad" jumps.  I think I will break out some concrete blocks and a piece of plywood tonight and build a ramp tonight.  Don't worry, I will make sure I am properly hydrated.

It even fits nicely on a road bike.
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  1. I wonder if they have a deal with Bodyglide to avoid the obvious chaffing that is going to occur.

  2. I mean if you are going to go for six you may as well add six more and go for a good dozen...... and then I am certain you will really be ready for some rad jumps.