Monday, April 8, 2013

New Training Equipment - Beer Athlete

KickStarter Project: Mug Muscles

Lately, I've been having a hard time getting to the gym to pump some heavy iron.  I now have a solution to the problem.  I will be adding "Mug Muscles" to my Ironman training program.  I can now gain muscles while training for the 26.2 running portion of the race.


  1. I think that I will try Mug Muscles as well. :)

    And you could totally rock the red lipstick!!!

  2. Love it! I want to try that Red's Apple Ale! Have you had it?

    1. No, I have not tried Red's Apple Ale. I'm kind of a beer and cider snob. I am a member of a local home brewers club. I make my own cider and mead (and wow is it easy).

      Since Reds is a Miller Brewing Company product I don't have high hopes for it. Beer Advocate rates it a 64 (poor) so I really don't have high hopes for it.

      I love cider so I have tried many, many ciders over the years. Ciders are probably my favorite beverage. I really like cysers (ciders made with honey). Angry Orchard, Crispin, Strong Bow, JKs ( are all good ciders. There are others I really like but I can think of them right now.


  3. Best.Invention.Ever

    P.S. I carb load for races with Guinness.... it's all good.