Thursday, July 11, 2013

DIY Race Medal Hanger Ikea

DIY Race Medal Hanger Ikea

!!My Mr T Bling!!

The current medal hanger was no longer cutting it so I had to get creative.  I needed something that was cheap and could hold a lot of medals (over 25 medals).  So I took a trip to my third home, Ikea. I am convinced the order of my homes are Lowes, Ikea and then my house.  Yes, in that order. 
For only $12.99 at Ikea.
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At Ikea I found Dignitet curtain wire.  This stiff is awesome.  It's cheap ($12.99), easy to install, has a variable length and can go around corners.  You can hang your medals via clips (Quantity 25 for $2.99).  They also sell supports ( that can be used to support the wire for long distances or around corners.  I did not know the supports when I ran my wire.  I used curtain supports due to my long wire run but I will be going back to Ikea (Bonnie will be overjoyed) to replace them with the Dignitet supports.  Be sure to use good anchors so the ends don't pull out of the walls.
A great and easy way to hang up new medals.

Overall, I was happy with the result.  I will be swapping out the Lowes supports for the Dignitet supports sometime next week to create a more finished/professional look. 
Overall cost:
$12.99 for the wire and two ends
$2.99 for 25 hangers
$4.99x2 for two supports (un-needed for shorter runs)
$5.00 for a box of 25 wall anchors


  1. What an awesome creative idea for Medal hanger!

  2. Remember in the 70s how everyone had those bead curtains instead of doors....I'm envision a medal curtain. It might hurt a bit to walk through tho!

    That looks great and super inexpensive!

  3. Yes ok so Kids eat free on Tuesdays at Ikea so guess where we are every Tuesday. Definitely one of my homes as well :) They LOVE the ball pit, mama loves the free daycare...
    I bought this a few months ago for their art work but you are right! Great medal hanger. Only, can you hang it for me??!