Thursday, July 25, 2013

My ride through the zoo..

So this weekend I did 60 mile ride on the Van Fleet Trail.  It is a COMPLETELY straight 29 mile trail with a 6.9 mile extension.  There is not one turn on the entire ride (no exaggeration).  It is a great and safe place to ride with only three country crossroads to worry about crossing.  There is almost never a sole on the trail to be seen on it.  It a great place to train for long bike rides.  I am currently training there for a century.

Here is more info on biking the Van Fleet Trail can be found here and here

The trail is in the middle of NO WHERE.  It crosses right through Green Swamp so there is a TON of wildlife to be seen.  It's like riding through a zoo.

My "zoo" adventure ...

Not the place to be training for the swim!!

Yes, that's an alligator and yes
I saw him off the bridge during the ride.

I saw a ton of the alligators smaller cousin.

The Florida grey squirrels LOVE to run out in front of your bike.
My friend hit one a few months ago and it bent his rear wheel.
I always yell "Crazy Squirrel" so they run off before I hit them.

I also pass a llama farm.

Some fuzzy, Tribble thing tried to attack me.
These are Tribbles for those who are not "cool" like me.
A Gopher turtle sitting on his porch.

Gopher turtles passed me on the bike
I passed six snakes sunning themselves on the path.
A deer snuck up on me also.

A wild Florida panther also tried to attack me. 

See the anger in his eyes!!

Chewie greeted me when I got home from the zoo.
He got a hair cut.

My desert rose is in bloom


  1. Lovely ride and lovely scenery for sure! That desert rose looks a lot like a plant we get here in South Africa as well. They must be related. It is called an Impala Lily.

  2. I got the tribble reference before the pic ;)
    sounds like a nice long stretch!! Enjoy it.