Friday, December 27, 2013

Jacksonville Bank Marathon - The Unexpected Marathon


Jacksonville Bank Marathon - The Unexpected Marathon

Somehow my wife was able to convince me to do the Jacksonville Bank Marathon this weekend with only one week to register.  In her defence it never takes too much poking and prodding to get me to do a race. 

This will be my first "official" marathon.  Officially I have never done a marathon but I did do a 30 mile ultra run about 3 years ago.  Bonnie says that does not count (she is strange like that).

The only issue with this race is I have not properly tapered.  I've been training for the "26.2 With Donna" marathon and last weekend I did 24 miles.  I don't expect this weekends time to be great.  I don't think my legs will be properly rested.  We'll see..

Maybe I will get to meet the Discom-Bob-ulated Running blogger.  My wife reads her blog all the time.  She will be running this race also. 


  1. Good luck! This weather looks pretty rude. Hope to see you guys out there!