Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Space Coast Half Marathon 2013

Space Coast Half Marathon 2013
My Canadian friend and me.
This is what racing is all ABOOT, eh!!
Last weekend was the Space Coast Half Marathon.  This was my first race back from my back to back half ironmans (which were about three weeks ago).    I also started training for my February marathon the week before this race.  Last week I did 18 miles with a crazy friend of mine who is doing Ultra-man Florida (a 320 mile triathlon).  Needless to say my legs are not completely back.
I will not bore you with a race review (see below).  I have already done three previous reviews for this race.  I will just say this is a great race!!
I improved my race results this year by 9 HUNDREDTHS of a second. LOL 
13.1 Race Results
2013 1:53:30 
2010 1:53:39 
2011 2:04:01 
2010 2:07:47 
Race Reviews

The Columbia Shuttle Medal

The Bling

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  1. This is a race that I have on my bucket list. I hear such good things about it every year!