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Space Coast Marathon Review 2012

Space Coast Marathon Review 2012

Previous Years Reviews can be found here:
Darn, I've gotten too skinny!!

Yesterday, I completed the Space Coast 13.1.  This is always a great race.  If you are looking for a Boston qualifying race this is a great one for you.  It is pretty dare flat and a fast course.
Race decor

My version of Buzz Lightyear.

I’m not going to bore you with all the details of the race.  You can see the previous year’s reviews (see above) for all the details. 
Looks like I am about to rob a
bank but it kept me warm

This year’s race was a little cold in the morning then warmed up pretty good.  I found myself starting to sweet at mile 3 and had to start dropping layers. 
Proof I am a Star Wars nerd.

The one disappointment was the lack of real themed water stops.  It seems like every year they get less and less themed.   This year they barely tried.  This was a cool feature of previous years.

The other annoying thing about this race is it starts too early.  The race start time is 6:15 AM.  This is way too early for a race.
Sunrise over the water

Pretty water and palms

Very pretty race start

Overall this is always a great and fun race.  I recommend it to everyone. 
My finishing time was 1:53:39 with a 8:41 pace.

The award is huge!!

Yummy food.

Age group awards

Race Bling

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  1. That's some pretty nice bling! And I hear ya' on the start time. I'm running Disney this January and it starts at 5:30am. I think the rest of my 2013 race calendar will be picked based on race start times! haha