Thursday, November 15, 2012

Rev3 Florida 70.3 Review

Rev3 Florida Review

This review is a little late but like they say “better late than never.”
Cool race bib.

This was the first Rev3 race in Florida and unfortunately it fell on the same weekend as hurricane Sandy was passing off the coast of Florida.  Needless to say this made for interesting (and HIGHLY challenging) race conditions. 

The massive waves
(although they look small in this photo)

 The water was really rough.  It was almost boiling it was so rough.  Waves were coming in from all directions and there were severe rip tide warning.  When the waves hit the pier it would shot up 6 foot splashes.  It was so bad that no one (even the professions were allowed to swim), so my triathlon became  a duathlon.

The winds on Saturday night before the race were a constant 40 mph.  On the day of the race I think the winds were a constant 25-35 mph. 

The race started very strangely.  They lined up all the age groups by number.  Then every 30 seconds they sent someone into the transition area to start the bike.  You were supposed to be dressed without shoes, socks, etc.  This was to mimicked similar conditions as getting out of the swim.  Many people ignored this and wore their bike shoes, glasses, etc.  There are always cheaters at races and I hate when they do not stop them.

Bonnie & Triston chillen.
The bike was a BEAST.  The winds were 25-35 mph constants.   The first 18 miles the wind was at your back.  Ever mile after that you fought massive headwinds and cross winds.  It was a nightmare.  Even the professionals said this was an extremely windy and difficult bike portion. 

About halfway through the bike ride I wanted to give up.  But what use would be giving up?!  I would have to get back on my bike anyways so I fought through the wind.  It is tough and frustrating when you look down at your speedometer and see low teens.
My famous picture that ended up on Rev3's homepage.
I told you I was famous.

The bike course was as flat as a pancake but very boring.  It was almost all major roadways.  The interesting part was the road was not shutdown but nearly no one rode in our lane.  The local police must have done an excellent job educating the public.  I hope next year they change the bike course.

I almost ate pavement on one of the bike water stations.  I missed the first water volunteer (and showered him in an exploding water bottle) but I got the next water bottle.  What I did not notice was the sharp 90 degree turn at the end of the water stop (stupid design).  The 90 degree turn also had a nice 12-18 inch raised concrete edge.   I only had one hand on the handle bars because the other had a hold of the water bottle.  So I locked up the front break and slide (nearly out of control) right at the concrete edge and a police officer.  The police officer said something about holy fecal matter as I nearly died and ran into him.  Somehow I was able to control the slide and regain control of my bike just in time to complete the turn (with water bottle still in hand).  I think the police office wet his pants.

The finish line at night was pretty cool in neon.
The run was nice and windy but the wind was nice and cooling on the run.  My legs really enjoyed being off the bike.  They quickly stopped feeling like bricks and locked into a nice (but slow) pace.

Overall this was a great and fun race.  I am disappointed that I did not get to do my first open ocean swim but Mother Nature had other plan.  Maybe I will try again next year.

The local volunteers were great.  They thanked all the participated and stated how great this was for their small, local economy.  That was a great feeling.
Front of the bling

Back of bling


  1. Rev3 does a good job putting on a nice race. But no one can predict an incoming hurricane!

    I love the description of the 90 degree turn on the bike course. I can just PICTURE the cop! haha Nice job maintaining control though! That water bottle is important!! And awesome job pushing through the winds on the back half. I'm sure every other athlete out there thought the same thing.

    Here's to next year!

  2. Well done! That is a really cool bib! Mother nature should be respected and nothing more we can do. At least the event did take place. Nice medal!