Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Miami Man 2012 - HIM Race #8

Sunday marked my 4th half Ironman race of the year.  It marks the 8th within the past two years. 

Sorry I do not have pictures but my phone went dead the night before the race and I did not bring my phone charger.

My swim caps from this year and the last.
This race was a little unplanned.  Several months ago Triston wanted to do the International distance race so I signed him up.  I also said “what the heck” I will do the HIM distance since I will be there. 

Well… Bonnie pointed out after I registered that the Miami Man race was ONLY TWO WEEKS after the Rev 3 70.3 Florida race I had already signed up for.  So much for recovery and taper time.  J

They mouse pad that was included in the HUGE swag bag.
There was also a beer pint, race shirt and water bottle.
The swim was not as nice as 2010.  The water in this lake is getter pretty nasty.  I think they are putting too much weed killer into the lake and all the dead plants are creating a debris layer.  It was not crystal clear like previous years. 

The bike ride was a beast.  Winds were higher than last year and you had to fight them the whole way.
Race times are printed out for you the second you
finish the race.  VERY COOL!!
The run was a nightmare for me.  My legs clearly were not recovered from the last race.  They were locking up for the first 5 miles.  It was not a pleasant experience.  But I fought through the pain and finished the race.
Swim: 40:06
T1: 4:21
Bike: 3:03:21
T2: 4:43
Run: 2:31:21
Total Time: 6:24:15:76
 Clearly this was not my best race but I had a great time.  My 70.3 race times are normally 5:50 – 6:10 but this race clearly not normal with only two weeks recovery.
The bling with the closed cage.

The bling with an open cage.

I will not bore you with a review of the race.  See the review links below.  They are still valid.  This was a GREAT race and is EXTREMELY well run.  Year after year this is the best run triathlon!!

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  1. WOW! You guys get the best medals! I really need to find a race to run in when i come and visit next year!

    1. Florida does have some cool race bling.


  2. I really envy you this race...It looks like so much fun and you get the BEST stuff!