Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Miami Man 70.3 Part 2

See the 2010 review here:

Sorry folks, parks closed.

This was going to be a family race weekend.  Bonnie and Triston were doing the international distance race and I was doing the 70.3.  This was Triston’s first international distance race so he was really excited.  He was also excited because there was only one other person in his age group so he was guaranteed to place (that’s always a nice bonus). 

My position from swim out.  How nice and close.

Holy shot.  Look how far I have to run with the bike TWICE.
See the little blue gate WAY OUT in the FAR distance.

We had to rack our bike the day before the race.  I was nicely placed on the 2nd rack from the swim exit but that meant I had to run the bike to and from bike in/out which was almost 2 racks down.  It was quite a run with the bike in shoes.
Daemeon in her resting place. 

The race expo was really nice. There were about a dozen vendors selling all types of items are very reasonable prices.  The number and quality of vendors was much better than any Ironman race I have done.

The lake we swam in.


I had to wake up at 3:45 AM so we could get the whole family ready, pack up the car and check out of the hotel.  It was way too early for anyone to get up.  I am starting to think getting up early is the hardest part of a 70.3

Bonnie trying on her swim cap.

It's the little things that make her happy.

The swim was done with wave starts.  I was the 2nd wave (the pros and older participates went in the 1st wave).  Saturday’s winds really churned up the lake so it was nowhere near as clear as last year.  The bottom of the lake was also spongy and gross.  I have a feeling the park is putting a lot of algaecide into the lake and that is causing the spongy gross (but clear) lake.  It cannot be safe to be swallow as much of that lake as I did during the swim.

My swim went really good.  It was your typical pushing and shoving during the swim but nothing rude or out of the ordinary. My only issue was the amount of lake I swallowed.  I could not seem to stop swallowing water.

Swim Start
The first lap I was having issues with my leg cramping up really bad.  I have never had that issue before and I was a little concerned but eventually it went away.  By lap two I was in the grove and passing people left and right.  I get my rhythm and I felt great.

See teenagers actually smile sometimes. 
Here's proof.

See I still never smile

Doh..which way did he go boss?!


  1. Teenagers smile?

    Hey that picture of you is so far away I couldn't tell if you were smiling or not. :)

    That swim cap is so cute!!!

  2. @Caratunk Girl - Apparently it was a blue moon. :-) Click on the pictures and they will give you larger version. Then you will see proof I do not smile.

    @Julie - They are cute and they are made of silicone. Not cheap latex.