Monday, November 21, 2011

Yummy Historical Cookies


So OK, I have to admit I am the chef of the house.  I am the one in the house who actually loves to cook.  It is a passion that I have had since I had to fend for myself when I was a kid.  I read cookbooks, watch cooking shows and enjoy great, unusual foreign food.

One blogger I follow is Bake Bike Blog  BBB is more bake than bike but it is a great blog anyway.  She had a post about Anzac Biscuits (cookies for us who only speak American :-) ).  Being a history buff, a chef and a biscuit (err... cookie) lover I had to try these out. 

They are AWESOME.  Bonnie and T loved them.  I had to quickly hide them in my room so they could last more than 10 minutes in my house.  Doh..I forgot to hide them so they may not be there when I get home from wook.

A few things to note.  Golden syrup can be found in your local mega mart European isle.  Many Publix Supermarkets have it.  Worse case you can use dark corn syrup.  It does not taste too different.  I suspect the recipe would also be good with honey or molasses.  Also I forget to flatten the cookies slightly which does help with cooking.  Also add the baking soda to the water like BBB states. I did not do that but the cookies still turned out fine.  I cooked my cookies at 350F but I may lower the temperature to 300F like BBB specified.  I think the low temperate may help out with the cooking.  What do you think?

Give these cookies a try.  They were great and REALLY easy to make.  You can read about the history of the cookies here and this history of ANZAC Day here.  Both are great reads.


  1. I am so glad you liked them!

    ps - I cant wait til I am back to more biking !!! Only 15 weeks to go ;)

  2. I love cookies! I might have to give them a try but it sounds kinda complex and I don't know if we have a European section in our market. I might have to just use the substitutions you mentioned.

  3. Stop. Posting. Recipes. For. Cookies. ;)

    Too yummy!

  4. @Katie - They are SUPER easy to make. Worse case you can order the Golden Syrup online for about $3. But I think your larger megamart, whole foods, British store etc woll have it. I would try dark corn syrup as a substitute. It's much closer to the real thing than honey.

    @Silly Girl - you need to eat more cookies. I read that post about you being too skinny.