Monday, November 7, 2011

Miami Man 70.3 Only 7 Days Away!!

Only SEVEN days away.  I am getting excited!!

Miami Man 70.3 is these weekend.  I can not believe I am on my last (and my forth) 70.3 of the year.  What craziness am I going to do next year?!  I starting to feel weird not having any races registered for next year.  I may registrar for Space Coast 13.1, Ocala 13.1 and one of the Half-A-Thon 13.1 series races in the next few weeks.

I want to register for 70.3 Florida but still has not opened.  I am still wondering if they will have it again.  From what I understand Disney is renovating the place where the race is normally held.  I kind of hope they move the event out of Disney World.  Moving it to Clearwater would be awesome.

The Horrible 100 Century ride is the week after the Miami Man so I am not sure I will have enough fuel left in the tank to do it this year.

The first weekend of December I have the Florida Tough Mutter.  That should be interesting.

Is anyone going to attend any of these races?


  1. have a great race! I had not heard that about the Florida 70.3. Funny, I was thinking of registering over the weekend but had not noticed that it had not opened up.

  2. Good luck this weekend! Is Bonnie doing the half too or the olympic?

    I'll be in Ft Lauderdale for a half this weekend. I'm doing the Space Coast full and might see you at Ocala for the half too.

  3. Good luck - I bey you're going to have a kick ass day out there!

  4. Best of luck! What an awesome race season you have had!