Thursday, November 17, 2011

Miami Man 70.3 Part 3

Miami Man 70.3 Part 3
The Race Bling.
It has a picture of me on it. :-)

So with a belly full of pond water I was off to T1.  This race I decided to forgo a lot of things so my T1 time was about ½ what it normally is.  It did not help I had about a ¼ mile run out of T1 to get onto the bike
The Miami Man bike course is a 13 ride to an area where you do two loops then take the same 13 mile ride back.  I was averaging about 20-23 mph on the first loop.  I was pushing hard to stay above 20 mph because I know the wind gods were not going to be happy.  The weather predication said there would be 10-20mph winds
The first lap was great.  No wind what-so-ever but the minute I hit the second loop the winds kicked up to 15-20 mph steady winds.  It sucked big time.  What was even worse is the bike course was laid out so you back was never really into the wind.  The wind was almost unbearable but I survived somehow.
A teenager having fun (but he will never admit it).

T2 was much of the same as T2 but I did do a quick spray of sunscreen.  Apparently it was too quick because I burned in many places

Proof that I rock... or do they mean you?
The run portion of Miami Man is through the Miami Zoo.  In all fairness, only about 30% of the run is through the area where the animals are displayed.  The rest of the run is around some dirt roads or through the parking lots.  The parts through the zoo are great but the rest of the run is not all that interesting.  Don’t get me wrong, it is a fun run. 
The run is well supported with aid stations every mile or so.  Each aid station is themed.  My favorite station was the one where everyone was dressed up like movie stars.

Bonnie says I am smiling.  I say it was forced.
You be the judge.

I did not seem to get my legs going till about mile 6.  After mile 6 my legs turned to auto pilot and just kept going and going.  I have no clue how they were moving and actually giving me negative splits.  IT was a really weird feeling.  It was truly like being on auto pilot.

OMG We are all smilling (and T is blinking)

Overall it was a great family weekend.  Everyone had a great time.  Triston even got a teddy bear for winning 2nd place.
Here are my results for the 70.3
Swim:    37:44
T1:          2:58
Bike:      2:56:20
T2:          3:50
Run        2:24:55
Total:    6:05:47
You can find my official pictures here

T gets the teddy bear award.
If you click on the image you can actually see a teenager smilling in the wild.

The Finish Line


  1. Congrats to the whole family! Lovwe that you all do it together!

  2. WOW, that is awesome that you do that together!!

    Love the medals..and the Teddy Bear award!