Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Past Uranus and onto Saturn

I'm not only a member (#394) but I'm a fanatic.

I've officially reached passed Uranus, landed onto Saturn (see here) and have three moons.  For those of you who are Half Fanatics you know what I mean.  For those you who aren't you just think I have lost it.

Kevin J, FL

Half Fanatics gain moon points (aka bragging points) based off criteria.   The more crazy stuff you do the more moons you earn.  In order to qualify for Saturn I had to complete 12-18 half marathons in 365 days.  They do count half Ironmans because they have a 13.1 running race (but they do not count full Ironmans because the run distance is 26.2). 

By the end of the year I should be on Jupiter which is 4 moons 19-25 half marathons in 365 days.

BTW - to reach the sun (highest level) you must do the follow.  And yes there are many people who do more that this!!  See the crazy people list here

1. 52 Half Marathons or more within 365 days.
2. 30 Half Marathons in 30 US states, Countries, or Canadian Provinces (any combination) within 365 days.
3. 20 Countries within 365 days.


  1. Congrats! I'm still stuck in Neptune :( My rocket needs more fuel :P

  2. 3 moons is pretty impressive! Being on Saturn sounds a whole lot better than being on Uranus. (Sorry I taught middle school science and Uranus jokes never get old to 8th graders...or their immature teacher.)