Monday, November 14, 2011

Miami Man 70.3 Pre-Race

Miami Man 70.3 Pre-Race

I'm too tired to write a full review today.  I want straight from doing a 70.3 to getting into the car and driving 4 hours to get home. 

Let me just warn WTC that this is the way to put on a race.  Multi Race really dots their i(s) and crosses their t(s).  They really try to make everything feel special.  And this here are some examples

1) Race registration is a breeze and quick.  My only complaint is they did not have enough people this year working the TriTat station so it was slow a this station

2) You have 4 different race shirt styles to choose from for your free race shirt.  Some were long sleeve and some were short sleeve.  You also got to try them on and pick out the shirt size that fit you.  No "come back later and will see if we have any left" comments.  Unfortunately, they did run out of the cool shirt I wanted but that is life.  You also got to choose from 2 different running caps.

3) Each wave start has a really cool swim cap that has a different cool design (see below)

4) Everything from the signs to the swim caps, race bibs, etc is in the animal zoo theme. 

5) The bike rack as a individual spot that is labeled just for you.  No guessing where you need to put your bike or fighting for a position.

6) Race officials were everywhere on the bike ride and in transition and took their job seriously.

7) Cool TriTats instead of sharpie markers.  (More on this in a later review).

8) A full swag bag with all the items zoo race themed.  It included a cool grocery style back, a running cap or visor, a race towel, a water bottle, a coffee mug, a mouse pad, a really nice race instruction packet, and about a dozen different types of freebies (razors, chap stick, food, etc).

More about the race tomorrow.  I'm off to drink lots of coffee.

Cool named and theamed race bibs.

Lots of cool free stuff

No Sharpie.

Race t-shirt style 1
Race t-shirt style 2

Race t-shirt style 3
4 different shirt styles to choose from
Each rack position individually labled with your name.
My Swim Cap
Bonnie's Swim Cap
Triston's Swim Cap


  1. I have heard very good things about the Miami Man Tri. I am glad you go to do it.

  2. After your reports last year (and my friend Kathleen from last year) and your pics from this year I sooooo want to do this race! I just wish it wasn't so far from Denver. :)

    Looking froward to the full story!

  3. From a swag perspective, that race looks awesome! How can I get one of those caps?!?

  4. Wow. That race looks awesome. I mean just the swag is great!! I want one of those caps!!

  5. This looks like a great race! I think I'll do it next year.