Friday, November 18, 2011

Weekend Project

Now Chewie can swim with me.
BTW the pictures in the image source are amazing. 
They are about human ingenuity during the Thailand floods.

I think I just added a weekend project to my list.  Chewie can now do open water swims with me.  I am not sure Bonnie is going to like this idea but she does not need to know.  She does not read this blog anyway.  (Actually no one does so this will be Chewie and Is little secret).  Watch out Digger, Chewie will soon be on your tail!! :-)

No animals were harmed in the making of this blog post.  Any similarity to persons (or pets) living or dead is purely coincidental. Offer only valid at participating locations.  Tax, tag and title excluded. Some exclusions may apply.  BTW this post is a joke.  Chewie would never wear water bottles because they are not earth friendly.  We use hot air filled balloons made from soy to float him across the lake.  Remember to always recycle.


  1. hahaha, that's really cute/sad/funny and an excellent weekend project!

  2. First, the picture source is freaking amazing.

    Second, your disclaimer is hilarious.

    Oh. And I read your blog so I know!! :)

  3. Are you calling me a nobody???

  4. @Julie - I can always count on you for a post comment and I love reading them. Thank you.

    @Caratuck Girl - I love the homemade jetski.


  5. I love the shopping cart bridge! My husband doesn't read my blog either. He should because I talk about him a lot. Tell Bonnie she is missing some good stuff!

  6. Yes, I read your blog silly. I would expect you to read mine if I had one.