Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Growler Beer Cage

Forever expanding your hydration options on the bike

Growler Beer Cage

If you want to carry a six pack of your favorite beer on your rides then this is your option (New 6 Bottle Hydration System)

"But Mr Half TRIing not all my favorite beers come in six packs!!"  I understand, sometimes your favorite beers are only available in a growlers. Well look no further your prayers have been answered with the new Growler Cage.  Now you can now carry one or two beer growers on your Ironman ride.

Give me some credit...I am always looking out for the best hydration systems for your next Ironman!!

What is your favorite beer?  If you say Bud, Bud Light, Miller, Coors, MD2020, Pabst Blue Ribbon, Schlitz, Old Milwaukee, etc you will not be on my holiday list.  :-)

Tuesday, June 18, 2013


I'm having a blah week so I figured I would share some misc things in my life.
I planted a GIANT jalapeno bush in my back yard.
(and this is one of the smaller ones)

For those of you who have kids this
will give you a better idea on how big they get.
Next month starts the new Rotary year and I won an award
at the changing of the guards banquet. I will be
president of the club again next year.
"For exceptional service on behalf of Rotary"

A successful two week can food drive I put on for

Our Rotary club had a social night at the local ice cream store.
I thought this was cute.
Chewie learned a new trick (bad habit) from the cat.

$35 bed or on top of the clean clothes?!


The Southern Magnolias are in bloom.
I saw this one on my run this weekend.

Air Plant Porn from my lawn

It turns pink once a year on the first
day of summer every year.
The air plant above it turns pink and flowers only once
a year on the first day of spring. Natures calender.

Triston finally graduated high school and is on his way to
community college.  Now he is learning how the
real word works and does not like it.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Monday, June 3, 2013

Jack Beattie's 24th Annual Lake Swim & Pancake Breakfast

Jack Beattie's 24th Annual Lake Swim & Pancake Breakfast

Jack Beattie is a Central Florida sports celebrity and swimming icon.  He is an NCAA All American, has won multiple national championships, set five national age group records, won 3 gold medals (including a world record in Tokyo).  If that was not enough he has also swam Maui Channel.

See summary of Jack Beattie's accomplishments here.

Growing Bolder did a special on him here.  I highly recommend watching it.  He's very inspirational.

Every year in Orlando, Jack Beattie opens up his home for an open water swim and pancake breakfast at his house.  It is a one mile open water swim followed by a free breakfast. 

The 9 mile run to the open water
swim was HOT (like me)!!

This year I did a 9 mile run to Jack's house.  Bonnie and I then did the 1 mile swim.  Following this I stuffed my mouth with the free pancakes, sausage, muffins, juice, etc.  It was a great time.
I then came home and mowed the lawn and cut down my neighbors bushes that invaded my lawn. 
Thus is the life of a normal, average athlete.  I am not sure you will ever find a brick of Run, Swim, Mow and Bushwhacking in any training manual. :-)
Jack and I before the swim.
I'm the dork with the goofy off-center hat.

Everyone getting ready to beat me on the swim.


Everyone looking for the gators.

Watch out for the Florida Alligators!!

I'll skip the healthy stuff and go straight for the muffins.

Free, hot pancakes?!?
I'm so there!

Hot sausage also.


Clearing the neighbor's rain forest.

It took over five hours to clear everything out.