Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Average Obese Woman Gets 1 Hour of Exercise a Year (Men only 3.6 hours)

Yesterday I read a new study that stated the average obese woman gets only one hour of exercise a year.  Man only do slightly better at 3.6 hours yearly. Another study stated 1 out of 3 people in the US is obese.  That means that 33% of the US population gets less than 3.6 hours of exercise year. (16% gets less than one hour a year). 

The study defined "vigorous" exercise as activities that burn fat like jogging and jumping rope, but not sexual activity.  Sexual activity?! Oh...that to easy to make a joke about.  I'm not touching that one.

Just to put this more into perspective.  Here are the average number of hours a year that people spend on other activities (per a 2012 study): (

Men Women
Personal care activities. 3365.30 3555.10
          Sleeping 3139.00 3233.90
Eating and drinking 474.50 438.00
Household activities. 470.85 792.05
          Housework. 102.20 328.50
          Food preparation and cleanup 102.20 273.75
          Lawn and garden care 91.25 43.80
          Household management 36.50 54.75
Purchasing goods and services 219.00 306.60
          Consumer goods purchases 98.55 156.95
          Professional and personal care services. 21.90 36.50
Caring for and helping household members. 127.75 240.90
          Caring for and helping household children. 98.55 193.45
Caring for and helping nonhousehold members 58.40 73.00
          Caring for and helping nonhousehold adults 21.90 18.25
Working and work-related activities 1522.05 1073.10
          Working. 1365.10 974.55
Educational activities. 193.45 171.55
          Attending class. 109.50 94.90
          Homework and research. 65.70 58.40
Organizational, civic, and religious activities 94.90 138.70
          Religious and spiritual activities 43.80 65.70
          Volunteering (organizational and civic activities) 40.15 54.75
Leisure and sports. 2113.35 1814.05
          Socializing and communicating. 262.80 277.40
          Watching television. 1120.55 952.65
Telephone calls, mail, and e-mail 40.15 73.00

Links to the report summary.


  1. Very interesting and scary. People are so lazy! I see people taking the elevator down one floor at work every day. Amazes me!

  2. You get to following the 'endurance' community and forget how the 'other half' lives...WOW!! Thanks for the reminder.