Thursday, April 24, 2014

I know I am slow but...

My last 70.3 finish line photo.

I received an email from WTC yesterday and apparently Ironman thinks I should be in the "Physically Challenged" category for the Ironman Raleigh 70.3. 

I guess my past times have been so slow that they must think there is something wrong with me. 

Thanks Ironman...I'm just speed challenged!!.


  1. Haha, sorry but I know how you feel. I'm in that category as well although I haven't received an invite to the physically challenged group yet. Just this week a group of runners passed me from behind as if I was going the other way and one asked if I was OK. I was great and running at good pace I thought...

    1. Sad but I think that has happened to me also.


  2. Oh need some PR and communications help. Yesterday I got an email from the Kansas 70.3 race director welcoming us and thanking the city of Lawrence including Mayor (name name).

    A friend of mine got #52 at IMCDA a few years ago. When we checked in the lady was like are you a pro? My friend was like ah, no. Are you a PC athlete. No. They changed her division but left her # so she got to rack in a sweet spot. When she got to her rack in the morning a true PC girl was like oh you're my competition. Rachel explained the situation and the girl responded, I was going to say, it looks like you have both legs! It was hilarious. And we still call her #52 today :)